The Twelfth Doctor: Shirt vs Jumper, Tradition vs Punk [SPOILER?]

Speculation Alert!

Okay, it’s the weekend, who’s for indulging a bit of old-fashioned Doctor Who fan conjecture? You are? Great!

A potential variation on new Doctor Peter Capaldi’s costume has emerged in snaps posted on a couple of well-known social media sites used by young people. It seems the Twelfth Doctor may opt in a future episode to ditch the smart white shirt he recently sported in his well received new costume launch shots and go for more of a dressed-down approach.

The previously unseen black jersey captured in new location pics (here’s another) either has a subtle yet eye-catching speckled white pattern or it’s just got loads of holes in it; it’s difficult to tell. There’s no reason why the Doctor shouldn’t change his get-up now and again, of course, and it has been breezy of late so it’s no surprise if a man of his age should feel the need to opt for warmth over style (he said, shamelessly adding to the ‘Capaldi too ancient to play the Doctor’ debate).

What do you think of the ‘jersey variant’ (as I’m going to call it from now on, even if no one else does)? What does it mean for forthcoming story arcs? And who’ll be the first cosplayer to create their own version? Over to you, Kasterborites!

(With thanks to Daren)


Jonathan has followed the Doctor's adventures since the late Pertwee era, and he isn't about to stop now. A charity worker from Hull, he enjoys following Hull City's fortunes, listening to Bruce Springsteen and collecting all manner of Doctor Who ephemera. He blogs about Doctor Who merchandise at

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