Audio Adventures By The Fans For The Fans

It has been brought to Kasterborous’ attention that Messrs Simon Sayers Franklin (good name) and Mark Percy (good too) are in the business of producing non-profit, totally *unofficial* Doctor Who audio adventures in the by-fans-for-fans mould…

What, what?! But surely this is what Big Finish are for? Yes indeed – but as groupie Paul Hull notes on their Facebook page:

“The wonderful thing about WHO is that it allows & embraces all these wonderful projects that are part of the WHO universe. Tis a very positive thing.”

Well said, Paul! It doesn’t look like Simon or Mark have any demos up on their page yet though here is the synopsis for the imminent first installment: The Curse of the Crying Boy:

“Sophie Stevens’ life is torn apart by a sudden explosion at her home which kills her family and leaves her homeless. Everything is turned to dust and ash except for one thing – the painting of a Crying Boy which still hangs above the fireplace… but it’s not just her house. At least fifty other houses across the country set on fire at the same time on the same night, leaving nothing behind but an untouched painting of the Crying Boy amid the ruins. Can Sophie and the Doctor discover the truth behind the Curse of the Crying Boy by unravelling the tragic story behind the painting?”

I don’t know about you but I’m surprised by how engrossing and Doctor Whoey that sounds! If this is any guide to the quality of their work it’ll be well worth a listen. They have excellent fan credentials with photo-ops taken with top Who-stars Peter Capaldi, Jenna Coleman and mysterious new companion Samuel Anderson. (They appear to be a handsome pair too. Juss sayin’).

Cunningly their premise seems to have used a pre-existing urban legend; a slightly darker riff on the mythical monster = alien menace formula perhaps? Unless I’ve been totally taken in by well-placed web hype – check out out The Fortean Times.

(With thanks to Seb)


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