Can You Name Hanley’s Infinite Doctors?

Paul Hanley’s epic tableaux have delighted the online image-hungry fanbase for a while and his latest offering is a visual and canonical feast for the eyes (and list-makers among us…).

Deviant Art hosts online artists’ public portfolios and is a great place to go searching for random Doctor Who characters and monsters to see what the Worldwide Zeitgeist has come up with (“TARDIS console” and “cyberpony” are two of my favourites). Hanley’s previous images of the the Doctor’s eleven incarnations, friend and enemies have been very popular – this homage to the TARDIS even found favour with Neil Gaiman with it’s nod to “Sexy” from his episode The Doctor’s Wife.

His latest offering is rampant with continuity-threatening alternative and never-were versions of the Doctor. Peter Capaldi, as the Twelfth Doctor is flanked by all the television incarnations and then an array from comedy spoofs, audio adventures, an aborted cartoon and even stage plays including an alternative version of the Fourth Doctor played by Trevor Martin.

I could be wrong, but I think former Cyberleader, David Banks, may make an appearance from being Jon Pertwee’s understudy in the Ultimate Adventure stage adventure. It’s either that or another McGann brother’s take on the Time Lord from an audition tape (!). Take a look and let’s see if we can go one better than Geek Speak and LIST THEM ALL!! I’m particularly curious about the chap with the severe face and flat black hat at the top left. I have faith in you, Kasterborites!

If you’d like to hear more from Hanley, pick up Kasterborous Magazine #1, where the talented illustrator is interviewed in-depth.


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