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Captain Knight Recalls Lost Doctor Who The Web of Fear

Have you got The Web of Fear DVD yet? Or are you still waiting for it to turn up in the post like me (darned second class delivery!) One person with a special interest in this new release is Ralph Watson, Captain Knight in the story, who’s been sharing his memories of the classic Second Doctor tale in a recent interview.

Chatting with BBC Radio Norfolk, Watson speaks fondly of Patrick Troughton who, during journeys to rehearsals, was eager to show off his latest artistic efforts:

Patrick and I got on terribly well… He knew that I’d studied fine art at university and he used to do paintings, you know. One of his hobbies was to do copies of master paintings, usually impressionists… He used to bring them in the car and take them out of the glove box and say ‘what do you think of this then?’

Like a lot of people, Watson was initially sceptical when told that the long-lost story had been found (“it was like the Holy Grail”) until he was contacted by the BBC. Intriguingly, it turns out he was something of an early missing episode hunter himself:

I used to go in the back way to Television Centre and it used to have skips, and I used to look in the skips…. I’ve got some tapes here of Kenneth Williams…. I looked in a skip and it said Kenneth Williams and I thought ‘oh, that’s worth a listen!’

What a shame he didn’t see some Doctor Who episodes as well! But at least we can now enjoy Ralph Watson’s performance in The Web of Fear. As he modesty says himself:

I thought I was quite good in it! I thought the boy was alright!

The Web of Fear can be ordered now from Amazon, where the £20.42 RRP is reduced to just £13.82!

(Via Life, Doctor Who & Combom).


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