Chris Addison: “Capaldi will be this generation’s Tom Baker!”

In a recent interview Chris Addison, who starred alongside Capaldi in four series of top political comedy In the Thick of It, has made some big remarks regarding the new Time Lord incumbent.

“I think they’ve all been great since it came back. But what I’ve really missed is the mercurial, unknowable, frightening side of the Doctor… And Peter will give it that, I bet you anything.”

He believes Capaldi is the man to bring back that darker edge to the Doctor, and not only that but that this incarnation of the Doctor could well be destined for the levels of fame and notoriety currently reserved for the most popular past Doctor, Tom Baker.

“I’ve said for years that if he ever became the Doctor he would be this time round’s Tom Baker; the one that everybody thinks of.”

A bold claim indeed, but one that may be justified? He is already, arguably, the most famous actor to take on the role since its return in 2005 and having already declared that his Doctor will be a no frills 100% rebel Time Lord, the departure from past incarnations could be bold enough to make him stand out that little bit more?

What do you think: is Capaldi the new Tom? Can there ever really be another Tom (in terms of iconography of the show; the idea of a second Tom Baker wandering the earth doesn’t bear thinking about)? Would you want to see the show get more dark and the Doctor to do likewise? As always our comments section is just begging for you to fill it up with your points of view.

(Via Radio Times.)


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