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HEALTH WARNING: the article written by J R Southall of is smart, insightful and puts into context a lot of the wild speculation about why we’ve not heard about more missing episodes (you know – the bonkers conspiracy stuff) that may have been discovered in Phil Morris’s exploration into North African archives. But it doesn’t actually tell you what’s been found. Just sayin’.

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There is presumably a reason for Phil to have adopted “Expect the unexpected!” as a catchphrase, because after twenty years of no significant finds – no other complete stories, that is – it wouldn’t come as a surprise to discover that Morris was sitting on a treasure trove of previously-lost TV episodes. Whether he is or not, we shall have to wait and see.

Southall recaps events leading up to the excitement around 1967’s Enemy of the World and Web of Fear being returned to Auntie (that’s 20th century slang for the Beeb btw). He then looks at the burning questions of what else may have been found and WHY we haven’t heard anything yet – especially as some are wondering whether Easter will bring a welcome announcement.

[pullquote align=”right”]Overseas archives may refuse to hand over material they’ve now realised could fetch them a few bob.[/pullquote]He flags up the tricky negotiations with distant archives who may worry that they shunned decades-old instructions to destroy tapes and hurriedly dispose of Evil of the Daleks when they hear the BBC is on the prowl. Or they may refuse to hand over material they’ve now realised could fetch them a few bob.

At the same time the publicity around Enemy and Web in the midst of the 50th anniversary could be beneficial. Any private collectors in possession of lost Who may now be concerned that their rare gems will be unearthed elsewhere and could plummet in value if they don’t fess-up soon… Southall goes through a variety of reasons why we may not have heard about other finds just yet and including why the BBC may not know. Morris’s company TIEA may do a degree of restoration and why spend money restoring episodes you’ve found when you might uncover a better, cleaner version later on?

Of course we want to know now. And the problem with conspiracy theories is that they tend to come with a dose of anger and indignation. WHY HAVEN’T THE DIRTY BEGGARS TOLD US?! Southall explains why the process is more complicated than it first seems and puts it perfectly:

There are only heroes in this. All we need to do is sit back and let the professionals get on with their jobs, and the rewards will be ours.

And we, fellow Kasterborites and other fans (you’re known as pre-Kasterborites around here) have been heroically patient over the past few decades. Thanks to the hard work of some brave and clever individuals that patience will hopefully pay-off. So enjoy the excitement, anticipation and frustration – it’s how you KNOW you’re a fan!

That said, let the paranoia recommence – what do you think is going on? And how will you watch the whole of Season 4 when it resurfaces in a 3D colour conversion with surround sound?! Tell us below…


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