The Doctor Who Experience Wants A Marketing Manager

How many of you out there have dreams of being involved in your favourite show? If you are one of the hundreds now screaming YES! at your monitor/phone/tablet (and yes, I am one of them too) then you may be interested to know that the Doctor Who Experience in Cardiff is looking for a Marketing Manager.

The role is newly created and if you get the job you will be:  “responsible for developing awareness of the Doctor Who Experience, its visitor offers, additional events and secondary business areas across its main market segments.” Basically what that means is you will be in charge of drumming up extra business and improving awareness of the Experience as well as coming up with new ways to get it noticed by a wider variety of people.

Sound like your kind of thing? If you’re still screaming YES! at your monitor/phone/tablet (and again I am still doing this too) then see if you fit the description of their ideal candidate and apply at the link below.

Do you think being a fan would be preferable in a role like this or do you think a purely business background would be better suited? Do you think that the need to have a marketing manager is a sign that things need a bit of a kick over at the Experience? Leave your comments below and share your feelings on the matter.

Oh, and if you do get the job don’t forget where you heard about it from in the first place and score me some freebies yeah? Worth a try.


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