Peter Capaldi shows former Doctor Who companion Janet Fielding the sights

Fandom Melts: Janet Fielding/Peter Capaldi Photographed

They say a picture tells a thousand stories; this one perhaps initiated a thousand fangasms. On Monday afternoon former Doctor Who companion Janet Fielding tweeted this surprising photo of herself with new star Peter Capaldi.

Naturally, fandom has begun speculating on a return for the Tegan Jovanka actress, last seen exiting the TARDIS in sour circumstances in 1984’s Resurrection of the Daleks (many Big Finish appearances since notwithstanding).

Describing her as the “mouth on legs”, Fielding nevertheless remained on the show for an immense 3 years, 1 month following her introduction in Logopolis, becoming the second longest-running companion in terms of continuous time (second to Frazer Hines’ Jame McCrimmon, and of course Nicholas Courtney and Lis Sladen’s semi-recurring appearances over the years).

So: is a return for Tegan on the cards?

(With thanks to Daren)


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