Peter Capaldi as the Doctor

Gatiss: Peter Capaldi Is ‘fierce’

Mark Gatiss, our gentleman in the field, was recently touring Brazil with BBC Worldwide to promote British drama. He appeared at two events – a Sherlock screening in Rio de Janeiro and a Q&A in Sao Paulo earlier this month.

President of the Brazilian Doctor Who Fan Club, Thais Aux, was on hand to report back on the event

Inevitably, there were many questions about new Doctor, Peter Capaldi, who, according to Gatiss, will be “typically Scottish”! He went on to say that the Twelfth Doctor will be “perhaps a little more fierce and less immediately knowable” than his predecessors…

It sounds like our Brazilian comrades are as excited and curious about the Twelfth Doctor as we are. And it looks as though predictions that we’ll have a sterner and perhaps more frightening Doctor are on the right lines. Might he even be a bit more alien?…

Gatiss was also asked about a Sherlock-Who crossover (just: Why??!) and whether the show is better off without the Time Lords. There is clearly a thriving fan base in the land of sun, sand and Samba – though sadly, save for the Fifth Doctor’s were-wolf themed audio outing in Big Finish’s Loups Garoux (it’s a while ago I listened to it but I remember it being VERY good), our celestial adventurer has never really visited Brazil.

The fans in Sao Paulo -clearly a hardcore bunch- were also keen to see a spin-off of the Metacrisis version of the Doctor with Rose in their parallel universe from Series 2. Gatiss writes this off as a story about the happily-ever-after ending and not really the stuff of engaging drama. I don’t entirely agree – in a cut scene the Tenth Doctor threw his Metacrisis counterpart a chunk of TARDIS coral that he could grow a new one from. Adventures a plenty! So really, I think the reason why a spin-off is a bad idea is because it wouldn’t actually be a spin-off. It would just be more of the Doctor and Rose!

…Except now he’d have a human life-span and possibly up for more romance and –forgive me Kasterborites who see the Doctor as a love object– that’s a story I can more than happily do without. Bring on the fierce, wild-eyed Scot!

What kind of Doctor do you hope we’ll have with Capaldi’s portrayal? Remember to tell us below… And are the Scots getting a raw deal here with this stereotyping as “fierce”? And more importantly, do you think the Doctor should wear a kilt?…


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