Karen Gillan’s Lady Macbeth Ambition

Karen Gillan’s recent Reddit AMA has revealed a few secrets about the flame-hearied ex-Pond, most notably that she has desires to play Lady Macbeth!

First off, for those Kaserborites of my ilk, who might be less internet savvy than they could be and perhaps reading this by virtue of a chunky desktop hooked up to a pedal-run generator (keep going, nearly through the intro…) 1) Reddit is a social networking site for news, entertainment and discussion that bills itself as “the front page of the internet” – basically a massive fan forum minus the *fan * part, and 2) an AMA is a subreddit (a thread) standing for “ask me anything” where a person devotes themselves to an online Q&A on a particular theme e.g. “my life as a horse whisperer” or “hello, I’m Karen Gillan”…

Sure enough it sparkles with Karen’s unique and wonderful madness. The AMA was to promote her new horror flick, Oculus, but true to type, Karen and her audience quickly diverged into the alternative question-list. Peruse at your leisure to warm your inner ginger! Number 6 conjures a particularly vivid and somehow plausible mental image…

Karen notes her keeness to portray Lady MacBeth on stage one day and this isn’t the first time she’s mentioned it – way back before Series 7 ago she and Matt Smith as good as made a pact to play the Scottish Play’s murderous married couple.

What do you think? There’s a precedent with Tennant and Tate performing troubled lovers in Much Ado About Nothing in 2011. Would you like to see the Eleventh Doctor and Pond One get up to bloody mischief on stage?..

(Via Flavorwire)


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