McGann On Doctor Who Return: “Why wouldn’t I want to?”

Ah, the surprise of Night of the Doctor, the moment when we realised that the Doctor Who 50th anniversary really was going to be awesome.

Star Paul McGann felt it too, and he’s told Yahoo that he would welcome a return!

If the same thing were to happen again and Moffat were to say ‘Would you come back and do it and I’ll write it?’ Why wouldn’t I want to do it? If it’s going to be that quality, why wouldn’t you want to do it?

Oh yes! Just what we wanted to hear. Of course, McGann is under no illusions about whether it might happen or not.

There’s always all kinds of rumours. Doctor Who is like a rumour mill, isn’t it? ‘Yea, McGann is gonna do this, Matt is gonna do that, there’s going to be a spin-off, blah blah blah’. Of course it’s all b****cks because it’s Moffat who decides what they’re going to do next. And of course, now you’ve got a new Doctor in Peter Capaldi – I think it’s only fair that he gets a decent run on his own without any distractions so he gets his feet under the table.

However, Peter Capaldi AND Paul McGann appearing in the same episode might just be the most excellent thing to happen in Doctor Who ever. Unless, of course, McGann got his own Doctor Who: Time War spinoff series for BBC Three Online, or something…


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