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New Police Box To Go Into Service In Dorset

Boscombe, Dorset will soon be following in the footsteps of Earl’s Court tube station with its very own *functioning* blue Police Box (in a police, telephone, maybe CCTV sorta way rather than the trans-temporal transport sense) set up to increase the ‘police presence’…

BBC News notes that Doctor Who fans are taking an interest (they also note that bears favour toileting facilities in wooded areas),

Doctor Who fans are getting excited about a Tardis-style police box due to open this Spring in Boscombe, Dorset. The idea is for a more visible police presence to tackle crime, but a TV show fan site said the box’s “celebrity status” would outweigh that service. …Doctor Who Online editor Sebastian Brook, who used to live in Bournemouth, said it was “the visual image of the police box that connected several generations” of fans.

Well Brook isn’t wrong – there is that special tingle that seeing any blue rectangle with possible pannelling gives you as a proper fan of the BEST show ever. And it’s always good to have more cool stuff around the place, for sure. But what I want to know is- in the words of the Fourth Doctor, have they the right?… The BBC won a legal battle back in 2002 for ownership of the Police Box image.

Is this part of a surreptitious plan on the part of the Metropolitan Police to get the copyright to the Police Box image of the TARDIS back by stealth? Or is there a distinction to be made between *image* and the physical object? Anyone?…

Also my visual circuits are in sceptical mode, Kasterborites – it looks a little too squat don’t you think? And have they got the door panels right…?

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