Samuel Anderson is Danny Pink in Doctor Who Series 8

Tickled Pink by New [SPOILER] Rumours

Oh my dear Whovians, you have been naïve…! (Sort of. This article may contain spoilers, however, it is based purely on conjecture and speculation.)

As the worst-kept secret in the Whoniverse continues to spread like a black cloud of entropy, speculation is rife as to the identity of the actor who will play the Master in the new series of Doctor Who. Names such as Benedict Cumberbatch and Charles Dance have all been thrown into the ring, with the Seventh Doctor Sylvester McCoy claiming to know the identity of the rogue Time Lord from Gallifrey… and claiming he’ll be very, very scary.

Possibly a spoiler, possibly nonsense

And yesterday, comics and general cool stuff news site Bleeding Cool claimed to have been told who the new Master was going to be, the information having been leaked by an “acting source.” Hold on to your TCEs – it’s only Sam Anderson, recently revealed as Series 8’s new recurring character Danny Pink!

If true, it’s a logical casting decision. After all, there has been considerable speculation over the last few years as to whether we’ll ever be getting a black Doctor; maybe Steven Moffat has gone the other way and cast a black Master instead! It’s certainly possible. In fact one Twitter user has already pointed out that Daniel Pink is an anagram of Pain Linked, and we at Kasterborous can exclusively reveal that it’s also an anagram of Deli Napkin, so the conspiracy theories are coming thick and fast…

Until we hear any official confirmation, we’ll have to go on speculating. What do you think – would Sam Anderson make a good Master?


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