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Our Favourite Doctor Who Scenes Re-enacted By Fans

We all know the Doctor is loved and thanks to the hard work of the various talents over at BBC Wales the show is now loved across the globe by a whole new generation of fans.

A few weeks ago, UK-based TV drama and comedy website, Cultbox revealed the results of their quest to find favourite scenes recreated by Doctor Who fans to celebrate 50 years, which we featured at the time.

However, I wanted to share with you some of my favourites from the video.

The response was fantastic with hundreds of responses from over 30 countries. The end result is an eclectic compilation of everything from a straightforward line-to-camera to elaborate recreations replete with a CGI dinosaur…

Be prepared for the awkward, the enthusiasm-oozing amateur and the pretty impressive. But most of all this collection shows just how much our show inspires and motivates people of all ages, all backgrounds and nationalities. And while it makes me glad we have consummate professionals in charge of Who, I absolutely bloody love this video. There’s so much love packed into these 9 minutes. These are our people! 😀

Everything from the First Doctor to the Eleventh features including one particularly competent “Allons-y!” from our very own Brian A Terranova (head over to the PodKast section to hear his latest musings with James McLean on all things Cyberform).

At 59s my absolute favourite is a series of three youngsters (at least they’re all younger than yours truly) delivering the Tenth Doctor’s “I’m a Time Lord” speech from 2007’s Voyage of the Damned ending with a frank yet fierce, “you got a problem with that?” Chills, guys. Gave me chills.

At 2m16s an even more youthful Clara and Eleventh Doctor deliver more romance in a few seconds than we get in the average 45 minutes! Other gems include; the First Doctor’s farewell to Susan (The Dalek Invasion of Earth, 1964), the Third Doctor’s speech on courage (Planet of the Daleks, 1973), the Eleventh Doctor’s speech on what you don’t put in a trap (Time of the Angels, 2010), “Ignorance is Carlisle” (Hide, 2013), the Fourth Doctor’s “indomitable” speech (Ark in Space, 1975), the impossible girl montage (Name of the Doctor, 2013) various lines between Daleks and Cybermen and unexpectedly Kinda’s (1982) “you can’t mend people” line makes an appearance.

Strong work. Enjoy…

I’ll always love William Hartnell’s performance as he says goodbye to the Doctor’s Grandaughter but it’s a close call between that and Sylvester McCoy’s “end my life” speech from Happiness Patrol, 1988.

So, Kasterborites what are your favourite, most spine-tingling moments of Doctor Who‘s 50 years? Tell us what and why below…


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