Ex-Doctor Who Script Editor Andrew Cartmel Chats to the PodKast

Andrew Cartmel Clarifies Ben Aaronovitch “New Series” Comments

Last week at while speaking at a Islington’s Archeology and History Society event former Doctor Who script editor Andrew Carmel (1987-1989) mentioned the dreaded omnirumour stating:

They found some episodes in Nigeria, and there’s rumours of more to come. I think we might get all the missing Troughtons. There were rumours for years that there was a cache in Australia, they are now actively going around the world to find them.

Far more tantilising was the prospect of what came next as he went on to mention Remembrance of the Daleks writer and bestselling author Ben Aaronovitch saying that “He has written a Doctor Who story, ready to go”.

This, it would seem is not the case and Andrew has since written on his Facebook page about how out of control the rumour mill had gotten with what was actually said.

Both are, I’m afraid, wild exaggerations — an example of “Chinese whispers”. I said that there is a good chance that more lost episodes will be found and I hope they will find them all. As for Ben, I merely said he has a great idea for a Doctor Who story (which he does). But no one has asked him to work on the show. Sorry to disappoint.

Alas, it seems we are not going to be getting an Aaronovitch script in series eight, but on the plus side we now know that should he be asked he has one lined up and ready to go.

What are your thoughts, do you think that Ben could deliver the goods in the world of new Who? Do you think Cartmel knows more than he is letting on about? You know where to put your words of wisdom folks.


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