Barrowman Has “No Idea” On Captain Jack’s Future

Since the day that the finale of Torchwood: Miracle Day aired, fans across the globe have had one main question: when will Capt. Jack Harkness be back on our TV screens? In a recent interview, John Barrowman gives us a little insight and hope. When asked if we’ve seen the last of Jack, he said:

“I have no idea. I mean, that’s not my decision, that’s a decision for the BBC. The thing is, I go around with Eve and people to these conventions and we see the humongous following that we have and also the hunger that there is for Torchwood. If I’m asked to play Captain Jack Harkness again, I would do it at the drop of a hat. And also, the Arrow producers have said that if I’m asked to do something like that, they would let me. They would see that I was able to do it. I think there’s a lot more to tell, there’s a lot more out there. There are those missing years that Jack talked about, there’s how he becomes “The Face of Boe”, there’s all sorts of things. But it’s not up to me, it’s up to Russell, Julie Gardner, and the BBC.”

Barrowman also had this to say about the new Doctor, Peter Capaldi:

“I’ve worked with him, I think he’s a great actor. He was in Torchwood: Children of Earth, he’s also done some Doctor Who stuff, and he’s just a brilliant actor. I think he’ll be very very good. It’s very interesting the way they’ve gone, first with Chris, then David, and then Matt being very young, and now they’ve gone to someone who is Tom Baker’s age when he started, as Peter is now. So it’s a very interesting step and I think it will be a good one.”

With recent talk between Moffat and RTD about having seen Capaldi’s face more than once in the Whoniverse, it might be an interesting story to show what happens when Jack Harkness meets the Doctor, who looks very much like Torchwood‘s John Frobisher. What do you think, dear readers? Would you like to see Jack back in the TARDIS or on another run of Torchwood? Or do you think we’ve seen the end of Jack? Sound off below!

(Note: if you’ve been missing yourself some John Barrowman, I highly recommend checking him out as the treacherous Malcolm Merlyn on Arrow. As much as I love the Jack character, Barrowman’s turn as a heel has been exquisite.)

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