Billie Piper “Game” For MetaCrisis Doctor Who Spinoff!

Oi, Kasterborites! If you find yourself missing some Rose Tyler in your life, you might be interested in some recent comments by the only and only Billie Piper.

Answering some fan questions at a panel during this year’s Awesome Con, Piper was asked if she would be interested in a spinoff following what happened to Rose and the MetaCrisis Doctor. She replied as such:

“That would be interesting… I’d be game!”

While the notion has my Rose-loving heart a flutter, there are some things to consider about this. First and foremost, fan and actor interest alone cannot commission a new Doctor Who series (or there would already be a Paul McGann spinoff)…certainly doesn’t hurt, however. The Beebs and Steven Moffat would have to be on board with the idea and then there are still hurdles to jump. Would Tennant be interested in a new series commitment? With recent success with a lead role in Broadchurch and plans to star in its American remake, Gracepoint, he may not have the availability such a series would demand.

Also, would it be considered canon? Whovians have long been quick to dismiss anything that doesn’t happen on screen as non-canon. So what about a TARDIS? Can you really have a show about the Doctor without a TARDIS? There was that deleted scene where Ten gives “tentwo” a piece of the TARDIS coral to grow his own TARDIS; but if it didn’t air on TV, did it really happen?

Combine all of that with some fan sentiment that indicates that maybe we’ve had and seen enough of Rose, and the viability of the spinoff already has some fairly significant things potentially holding it back. That being said, it is hard to deny the chemistry between Tennant and Piper and it would be incredible seeing them back as “Tentwo” and Rose.

What say you, dear reader? Would you want to see this develop as a spinoff? Or has Rose’s time come and gone? Let us know below!

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