Chris Addison: Capaldi Is The Missing Note From The Scale

Chris Addison, Peter Capaldi’s co-star from The Thick of It, has aired his views on the Time Lord’s latest incarnation – and he couldn’t be happier!

In a recent interview with the Radio Times, Addison revealed that Peter Capaldi is an “ideal” choice to take over the TARDIS controls…

I thought Matt Smith was terrific, I loved David Tennant, Chris Eccleston, they’ve all been great, since it came back. But what I really have missed… is the mercurial, unknowable, frightening side of the Doctor. We haven’t had the Doctor where you go, ‘I don’t know if I’m safe with this person’. Peter will give it that… He’ll be this time round’s Tom Baker, the one that everybody thinks of.

But will Number Twelve be the kind of Doctor to boldly proclaim a hat’s coolness, as the Universe crumbles around him? Addison thinks not…

I don’t think that will happen. I really love Matt Smith… But I never quite felt that any of the ones we’ve seen since 2005 could be imperious. That’s a note that’s missing from the scale. Peter will bring that back. I’m beyond excited. It’s all I can do not to drive down to Cardiff.

So if any Who fans are still unsure about Peter Capaldi’s casting, hopefully these words will provide more than a crumb of comfort! These are exciting times we’re living in, and the best may yet be to come…


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