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Doctor Who Launches on Horror Channel Today!

Good Friday, or one of The Best Fridays Ever? As many of you know, Classic Who has a new home on the Horror Channel, and it’s materialising today!!

A number of exciting animated trailers have emerged from the time vortex, depicting the Time Lord in some of his more daring encounters. Look out for the Seventh Doctor in battle with the Haemovores, or the Fifth Doctor taking on the dreaded Mara. Confused viewers may also have spotted the Third Doctor going head-to-head with the Cybermen, (an event beyond the reach of even the most seasoned ‘missing episode’ hunters, given that such an encounter never took place!), although a closer inspection of the question mark lapels confirms that it is, in fact, Doctor number six, not Jon Pertwee! Curses.

And as the Fourth Doctor intimates in the trailer, An Unearthly Child (the very first Doctor Who story) will kick off the proceedings today, starting at 7pm and concluding at 9.20pm (GMT), with such classics as The Mind Robber and Terror of the Autons following over the weekend.

This really is a new lease of life for the vast archive of TARDIS tales, awarding the former Time Lords an almost ‘immortal’ status, which Tom Baker recently alluded to. Future generations will be able to witness anew the heartbreaking conclusion of Earthshock, the half-lit passages of the Fang Rock lighthouse, and the awesome power of the Dodecahedron!

And before you indulge in a bit of caveman action, why don’t you check out our extensive interview with the one and only Tom Baker! (We’re really quite proud of it, y’know.)


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