Doctor Who Sites Produce A Great April Fool’s Day!

While some of us may have been holding out for a Frobisher the Penguin spin-off series, or even a redesigned Kamelion for Series 8, the internet found other amusing ways to be inventive this April Fool’s Day!

Fans who had forgotten to check their calendars were shocked to learn that Time Lord Peter Capaldi had been cast in an entirely new role! In a ‘statement’ which appeared on, sources reported:

In one of the most surprising plot twists in Doctor Who history Capaldi is not actually the Doctor. Fans will learn in Series 8 that he will instead be playing the latest incarnation of the Doctor’s arch-nemesis, the Master. Capaldi’s Master has in fact just assumed the Doctor’s identity, fooling everyone around him including Clara.

This was a potential setback for actor Arthur Darvill who, according to another site, had already filmed some of his first scenes in his new role as the Master, (thanks to some rather impressive Photoshop trickery.)

In a fake interview that very likely never happened, Arthur Darvill said:

It’s amazing to be back on Doctor Who. It’s different though, Jenna and Peter have been just phenomenal and the Master’s such a different role from Rory.

Finally, feline-focused Kasterborites might have stumbled upon our own ‘exclusive’ news story – the arrival of the Twelfth Doctor’s new cyborg cat known as “Fuzz-E”, (to be portrayed by Peter Catapaldi, naturally.) Our sources claimed that he was due to debut in the upcoming New Year’s special, tentatively titled “The Night of the Animal Doctor”, in which our furry friend would save the Time Lord’s life after he mistakenly landed the TARDIS on Earth during April Fool’s Day.

In short, today has been nothing but “a farrago of distortion which would have had Ananias, Baron Munchausen and every other famous liar blushing down to their toenails!”

It’s been fun, though!


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