Doctor Who Writer & Actor Glyn Jones Dies

On April 2nd Doctor Who‘s oldest surviving writer passed away.

Glyn Jones was the man who gave the world what is, in my opinion, one of the more underrated stories – The Space Museum (most noted as being the first appearance of actor Jeremy Bulloch in the show, who would reappear as Hal the archer in Third Doctor story The Time Warrior and more famously as Boba Fett in Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi).

The story itself had a superb premise: the TARDIS crew arrive in a museum in the future only to discover themselves as an exhibit and their attempts to avoid that outcome lead them closer to that same fate.

Not only did he write the scripts, in 1987 he was commissioned to write the target novelization of the story and took the chance to reincorporate all the humorous elements that incoming story editor Dennis Spooner had removed from the episodes.

Jones was also one of a small group who could boast both writing for and appearing in the show, as he latter stared in one of my favorite stories, the two part Tom Baker tale The Sontaran Experiment as Krans, a role that suited him perfectly thanks to his South African origins (in the story the stranded survey team, returned from an old Earth colony, all speak with South African accents).

Beyond Who Glyn had a successful career in writing including work on Oscar winning documentary A King’s Story (1965) as well as releasing a series of detective novels featuring his own creation Thornton King.

What are your thoughts on Glyn’s work on Doctor Who, are you, like me a fan of The Space Museum, would you have liked to see him return and have provided more adventures? Drop us a message below and share your thoughts.


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