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Fantom Films Upcoming Books Round Up

Brainy specs at the ready, book fans! Fantom Films has a range of titles coming up that are bound to send shockwaves through the Whoniverse, (or, at the very least, get bookmarks flapping!)

First up is the second part of Mary Tamm’s (Romana’s) Autobiography. Titled Second Generation, it picks up where First Generation ended, talking about her final work on Doctor Who, followed by details of her subsequent TV and stage roles. Tamm also describes her ventures into the bizarre old world of Who fandom, as well as the “personal joy and fulfilment brought to her by the birth of her own ‘second generation’ – her daughter, Lauren.”


This one is out now and materialises in two different versions: a standard paperback edition for £12.99, and a special hardback edition for £24.99, which will be limited to 200 copies and will contain extra photographs.

Keep reading, autobiography fans – next we have the memoirs of former producer Derrick Sherwin, whose contributions to the Whoniverse began in 1968 as an Assistant Story Editor for the Second Doctor. As many of you know, he subsequently went on to become Script Editor and then finally Producer, commissioning stalwart scribe Robert Holmes’ first Who script, assisting the series’ transition from black-and-white to colour, and overseeing the Third Doctor’s debut adventure and first season. This volume is also available in hardback from April 2014.

If you’re in the mood for a good yarn, however, you might be interested to know that the Master himself (Geoffrey Beevers) has written his own novel! Called The Forgotten Fields, it tells the story of a young monk who discovers a secret doorway buried beneath the fields of a monastery, which leads to the discovery of secrets and surprises from a different time and civilisation! This is Beavers’ first novel, and it’s available now for a very reasonable £14.99 in hardback.


Finally, Ice Warriors creator Brian Hayles is enjoying something of a renaissance at Fantom Films, with the posthumous publication of his novel The Moon Stallion, based on the 1978 BBC series of the same name, (starring former Nyssa actress Sarah Sutton no less!) It tells the story of the Purwells’ hunt for the beautiful but dangerous eponymous beast, charting their struggle against the “dark forces of myth and magic which still exist among the Berkshire hills.” This one’s out in hardback in May 2014, so start saving those pennies.

All we need now is an Omnirumour novelisation and the bookshelf will be just about complete! Any volunteers…?

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