Ian Levine Throws Down The Omnirumour Gauntlet

It is going DOWN on Twitter, dear reader. Well. It might. Nip over to the microblogging site to read some fizzing comments from Northern Soul DJ and missing episode supremo, Ian Levine.

He has challenged Philip Morris, head of the international television archive company that recently returned 1967’s Enemy of the World and Web of Fear to the BBC to a public debate:

This centres around the fact that a number of other finds alongside the two returned Troughton stories are suspected to have been made and we all waiting on an announcement. We’ve previously reported on the rumored discovery of Marco Polo and check out our overview of a Starburst article examining why there might be legitimate reasons to delay announcing more recovered episodes. Levine is well-known for his strong views and at times vitriolic commentary on the return of missing episodes to their original home. He thinks we should have been told more by now. Others are sure that Morris will spill the wonderful beans when the time is right. Levine replies,

His challenge has prompted some less-than-impressed responses. We can understand, given his role in saving the first Dalek serial from destruction and long-term involvement in the search, that he might feel entitled to a view on these things. Like the rest of us, Ian really, really, really wants to know, like, NOW. But that doesn’t give any of us a right to demand information – however strongly we feel it.

The problem is, while it’s just old telly and doesn’t really matter at all – it also sorta does matter. Sorta quite a lot. What do you think, Kasterborites – do we need an open debate or do we need some patience and a little bit of faith?


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