Moff on Doctor Who’s “Bad Ratings” Press Reports

So, there’s an old business saying that goes something to the effect of, “All publicity is good publicity,” and maybe there is a little truth in that (unless, of course, you happen to be US Airways today…I digress).

However, there is hardly anything more frustrating for a fan to swallow than constant negative rumblings about the show they care so much about. It’s especially true in Doctor Who’s case; after all, poor ratings and bad leadership ended up seeing the show cancelled for many years. That being said, we Whovians may be a little more sensitive to headlines that make it sound like our beloved show is in the tank. Have you ever wondered how those headlines affect those who work tirelessly on the show?

A reader in the most recent issue of DWM certainly did and in a letter to the Moff, he expressed his frustration with the “quick win” negative headlines and asked showrunner, Steven Moffat for his opinion on them:

“‘Doctor Who continues to be a massive hit’ is not a headline. ‘Doctor Who in ratings crisis’ is. Perversely, so long as Doctor Who is huge, those newspaper stories will continue. I’ll start worrying that there’s a problem when people stop trying to pretend that there’s a problem. So long as we’re click-bait for the papers and bloggers, we’re just fine. Highest rated drama of the year – highest rated drama on Christmas Day. Only the insane would quote that as evidence for decline.”

Hard to argue with that; after all, Monday screenings of the Day of the Doctor was only eclipsed by the cinema juggernaut known as the Hunger Games. All that being said, I pose a question to you, dear reader: does the negative headlines help generate positive buzz for Doctor Who? Let us know in the comments section below!


“That’s bacon! Are you trying to poison me?” And from that line on, I’ve been unable to stop watching, reading, musing about the Doctor. As a recent transplant to the Whoniverse, I’ve been trying to soak up as much Who-related knowledge as possible. That journey has taken me from the Tenth Planet to the Fields of Trenzalore and gently set me at the edge of my seat for what’s next. It’s an honor to be here and I plan to bring a unique perspective. I hope you’ll enjoy the journey alongside me.

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