Myth Makers: Golden Years Reviewed

The worry when reading fan fiction is that it will all be sub-par stuff that is not fit to bear the name of the original work. Myth Makers is here to give those who hold that opinion what for.

The tales presented in this special issue of Myth Makers are very well written indeed. The editors of Doctor Who Information Network‘s fiction anthology have clearly got the cream of the crop here. It’s a shame that the BBC aren’t doing a great deal with their past Doctors stuff as some of these authors would be superb fits for the range. Most of the past Doctors are given stories that seem to just fit with their respective eras and the characters are captured perfectly.

That’s not to say the stories themselves are flawless, of course; one wonders whether the first story in the collection was the best choice to open with (in fact, there doesn’t seem to be much of a coherent order to speak of). But if you do stick with it, you’re in for some wonderful treats. Our favourite stories are Observer Effect, PROBE Pour Homme and World Of Tomorrow. Not to mention the surreal Second Doctor story Don’t Drink The Tea, which is also high on the list. Each of the stories is illustrated with detailed portraits of the starring Doctor. These vary in quality (despite mostly being drawn by the same artist); for every photo-realistic Peter Davison (we must point out that the Davison one in particular is astonishingly good) or Sylvester McCoy, there’s a drawing of Colin Baker which doesn’t much resemble the actor or a David Tennant who, while still recognisably him, looks more like David Mitchell in Peep Show.

One lovely feature of this fanzine is a collection of 50-word memories of Doctor Who that run the gamut from fully-formed micro-recollections to scatterings of appropriate words. They pop up every so often and can make you laugh or realise how much their experiences resonate with your own. The best is this thought from Obverse Books Publisher, Stuart Douglas…

I was married, with a first child and new house, and had forgotten about Doctor Who. I was shifting crates into the attic of the new place, wondering how life had become so filled with responsibility. And then I dropped one box, and a tidal wave of wonderful, unexpected Target paperbacks poured out around me…

It’s a shame that this was published in June 2013, as it missed out on the chance to add another story to John Hurt’s War Doctor (this is very much a personal preference and something they can’t really be blamed for). But now we have contemplated the past, it is time to look ahead to the future. It will be nice to see what future authors make of the Twelfth Doctor. Or the War Doctor. Or the Curator. The possibilities are endless.

You can obtain a copy of Myth Makers: Golden Years from Lulu for less than a fiver!


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