Philip Morris Breaks Silence On Doctor Who Missing Episodes

Philip Morris and his T.I.E.A has been receiving a bit of negative attention from bolshy Doctor Who fans of late, with some doubting the existence of further missing episodes while others think the researcher has the BBC over a barrel.

Whether as a result of Ian Levine’s recent debate challenge, Philip Morris has been good enough to take to Facebook to release the following statement:

T.I.E.A understands the passion felt by Doctor Who fans and that looking for missing episodes of Doctor who plus many other shows is an important but tiny part of the work that T.I.E.A does.The main aim of this organisation is to assist those archives whose own cultural heritage is under threat.If any programmes do still exist T.I.E.A will endeavor to recover them safely as with web of fear and enemy of the world.T.I.E.A are not sponsored by any organisation we are a completely independent body we work alongside many organisations such as the B.F.I .


However as much as people want specific programmes found wishing them into existence or starting rumors will not magically return them .Individuals trying to extract information which does not exist or is commercially confidential will be deleted unread any legitimate inquires for T.I.E.A LTD services are welcome.


Stay Tuned..

Executive Director

Philip Morris.

There has been much whispering about Marco Polo potentially being rediscovered and prepared for release by the BBC (April Fool’s notwithstanding) but to date the omnirumour of missing Doctor Who episodes continues to be limited to just two success, The Web of Fear and The Enemy of the World.

Let us not forget that Philip Morris was responsible for recovering those episodes.

We reckon this is all starting to get a little out of hand, and the fact that Morris has felt the need to respond to recent unfair comments saddens us. After all, he’s kind of busy tracking down lost TV shows and probably doesn’t want this distraction.

But what do you think?


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