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Radiophonic Workshop Plays at Chichester University [VIDEO]

The University of Chichester recently hosted The Radiophonic Workshop in Conversation and in Concert event with the remaining members assembling for a series of panels and performances.

Now – forgive me – I’ve always been a little confused as to how a Radiophonic workshop ensemble would do a live performance of the Doctor Who theme as arranged by Delia Derbyshire. Given that she spent weeks cutting, splicing, reversing, slowing down and speeding up various sounds to get the diddlee-dums and the whooo-oooos of the familiar original, they must use an entirely different technique to deliver them. Delia’s version can’t be performed live as it were but what they deliver (amid pre-recorded segments) captures that Radiophonic creepiness we know and love.

Aside from the above video posted by Radio Skaro, there’s also a series of photos from the organisers to check out!

Were any Kasterborites there? Favourite moments, favourite tracks, favourite version of the theme song? And does anyone else think the drumming in the clip above is reminiscent of Dominic Glynn’s Terror Version…?



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