Simon Fisher-Becker – “My Dalek Has A Puncture”

After seeing the splendid Simon Fisher-Becker being interviewed at last week’s Sci-Fi Weekender in Wales (SFW5) and hearing that his one man show was kicking off its UK tour in Stevenage this week AND the fact that I live in Stevenage… Well, I thought it would be rude not to attend!

I set about becoming Facebook ‘friends’ with Simon and his page dedicated to the show in the meantime, just, well… because… y’know… he’s Dorium Maldovar! A bit part character who instantly caught the imagination of Doctor Who fans the world over, thanks to his wonderful portrayal. So much so, that he was brought back several times and became a significant part of the 11th Doctor’s story.

The evening of the show arrived and I trundled along with my buddy who was also at SFW5 and after a pleasant and not too overpriced coffee in the bar beforehand we made our way to the suite that was hosting the show. As we entered we were given a signed photograph of Simon as a bonus memento. We settled ourselves into our seats – not too close to the front, not so far at the back that we couldn’t see the screen. Just right. Well, just right for me if I leaned to my right so I could see between the two people in front of us. Anyway, the laptop kicked into life and the presentation began with some clips of Simon in his most notable role – the big blue man from Doctor Who!SImon FIsher-Becker is happy to chat after the show

What followed was an evening of pure delight, listening to Simon recount his life history in just enough detail to keep the audience of fans and maybe some prospective actors engaged – this was, after all, an evening slanted towards aspiring actors looking to get into the business of show. However, it’s still relevant to anyone who is trying to achieve a life goal. The stories of his life’s ups and downs were peppered with humour and some sadness… and some moments of real deep sadness, but his humour shone through and, very much in the same mould as Brian Blessed, the message of the evening is really, “never let the buggers grind you down!”. Stick with your passions, follow them through and don’t procrastinate.

Do take the opportunity to stay and chat with him after the show, as well. You won’t be disappointed!


Simon Mills


Simon was born at an early age and has loved Doctor Who since even before then. Truth be told, it was those pesky giant maggots and the dandy in the frilly shirt that got him hooked... but it was the hair, teeth, eyes and scarf that made him stick around to this very day. When not writing for Kasterborous, Simon indulges in his passion for karate training and listening to (and writing about) some seriously heavy rock and metal music. Not at the same time, though, as that can lead to serious injury and/or lawsuits.

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