The Voord Return to Doctor Who!

Big Finish have released the cover and title for what will be the first release in their new Early Adventures range and it looks like its going to be good, as the Voord return to Doctor Who!

I’m going to say this now and get it out of the way, I’m genuinely excited by this news, I’m one of those people who think The Keys of Marinus, the story that featured the titular creatures, is a darn good serial (mind you I also say the same for The Web Planet and Timelash) and the Voord themselves are simply begging to be developed further.

For those of you who have not seen Keys of Marinus it was the fifth serial in the first series of the show and was written by non other than Terry Nation. It is notable for being a six part story and for having the cast travel to a new place each episode, much like The Chase. The story has the Doctor and his companions traveling around the planet Marius in search of four keys to control a sort of master computer that seems to control the population, albeit in a benevolent manner. The Voord come into the story as the villains of the piece, determined to seize control of the computer for their own ends.

So what can we learn from the rather nifty artwork? Well we see Susan in peril and what looks to be some kind of Voord chief with a crystal headpiece and what seems to be a return to the island setting of the original tale, could this be a straight sequel, or possibly given the title a prequel? A quick look on the  releases page over at Big Finish shows that the tale is a two disc release so we may well be in for a four episode story for the First Doctor.

What is not known yet is what format these tales will take, can we expect Companion Chronicles style narrated pieces or are we in for full production releases using either soundalikes or archive audio to capture William Hartnell’s Doctor?

Which format would you like to see the range adopt? Are you as excited as me for the return of the Voord or would you rather they were left in the pile of other creatures that weren’t quite as good as the Daleks such as the Mechanoids? Let us know in the usual way below.


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