Weeping Angels Feature In Doctor Who Fan Video ‘Stone’

Remember John Smith, the man behind THAT faked Doctor Who 50th anniversary trailer? He was also the man behind the quite frankly blisteringly good reimagined intro video for Capaldi’s Doctor not to mention the mind bendingly good Wholock video.

Well he is back with another creation and this time it has been a real labour of love!

Clocking in at over 300hours worth of rendering ‘Stone’ is a two and a half-minute all CG short about the weeping Angels and a chance encounter with them in a dreary, claustrophobic rain-soaked maze of back alleys. As with any and all of Mr Smiths output the visual quality is flawless, the textures and attention to detail, even down to the mottled wear on the back of the angels neck, is mighty impressive stuff.

And it is genuinely scary. I don’t frighten easily, I grew up watching things like Aliens and Conan the Destroyer at an early age, but even I got a chill or two especially at the last few seconds, though I wont spoil it for those who have yet to experience it.

This is all the more impressive considering its all done on a home system, could we have a budding Gareth Edwards on our hands here (he who made the film Monsters almost completely on his laptop and is now helming the new version of Godzilla)? And more importantly, why have the BBC not snapped this guy up to some post, be it in putting together promos or even directing?

What is your verdict on Mr Smith and his output, do you agree that he is deserving of bigger things? What do you think of ‘Stone’? Let us know below.

(Via Anglophenia)


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