Did YOU Win Our Toy-Mad Doctor Who Giveaway?

Last week, we gave you the chance to win a huge selection of Doctor Who toys and games. This week (as soon as we hear from the winner) they’ll be shipped out to a location in the UK.

But who won?

To find a winner, we posed this challenge:

You are the Doctor! You’ve just regenerated and you have all of time and space to explore – where do you go?

Entrants had to share their answers, and my word, we had some crackers! To be honest, it seemed to morph into a flash fiction competition, so a very big thank you to everyone who took the time to enter here on Kasterborous and on Facebook. Wonderful!

Before we announce the winner, there are a handful of notable entries.

First of all, we urge you to take a look at this post by Rory, in which he describes changing identify with a Chameleon Arch and explaining one of the biggest enigmas of the post-Renaissance era.

Meanwhile, we had considerable sympathy for ParadoxRemnant’s observation: “I’d go back in time and see if I could assist in crafting something decent out of Time and the Rani; if not, erase it from all time!” Meanwhile Peter Collins wryly confessed that he would travel back in time just a few hours: “This morning. To see where I put my damn keys.”

On the other hand, Tom Baines’ optimism is somewhat awe-inspiring: “would be the world cup final in Brazil in 2014 to rewatch England score the winning goal, and steven gerard lift the cup” although Patricia Avery is similarly positive with “I would go forward in time to the near future whenever this competition is judged to see if my grandchildren (big Doctor Who fans) are going to win this fabulous giveaway.”

There can be only one winner in all of this, however, so step forward FrancoPabloDiablo and his daughter…

I’d go forward in time. Forget all my wishes and when and where I’d go! If life goes according to plan then I will hopefully die before my daughter (lets say Susan for the purposes of the question). I would travel to her future after I’m long gone just to make sure she has made good choices and decisions in her life. If not, maybe my knowledge of her future can help me steer her in the right direction in life! I can’t lie, If i had that ability and chance I would use it to make sure my daughter has the best life possible. She’s a Doctor Who fan though so I’m pretty confident she won’t need my intervention anyway! I’d just like to make sure!

So, FrancoPabloDiablo, PLEASE get in touch ASAP by emailing christian@kasterborous.com with your details.

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