Creating the Ultimate Whovian Desktop

Calling all Windows using/loving Whovians! Just like the Doctor likes to shake up his TARDIS interior from time to time, you too have the ability to make your Windows desktop a little more Whovian! Kinja power user, Karth, has posted what is being posited as the Whovian Desktop!

If you fancy replicating his creation, here are the tools that are required (sonic screwdriver not included):

Now, the beautiful thing about getting started with a project like this is that you’ve got the opportunity to really make your desktop an original creation. Perhaps you fancy having Rose Tyler fill the background of your screen? Find your best wallpaper and then you’re set!

Former Doctor Who star Billie Piper

Of course, Windows is robust enough that customisation can go as light or deep as you like. I’m going to provide you with a few extra tools for your theming tool belt (note: be sure to back up your system before you go tweaking; most of these solutions are tame, but it’s better safe than sorry):

  • IconPackager: your system and folder icons can be super customized and replaced using this program.
  • DeviantART: perhaps the best place online for killer images (think skins, wallpapers, etc.).
  • StartMenuX: okay, so this one is mostly for Windows 8 users (although I use it on my Win 7 work system). This tool can be configured to take you straight to the traditional desktop and give you the traditional Start menu access that was changed in Win 8, plus awesome tweaks to the menu. Did I mention you can change your start button icon as well?
  • WindowFX: adds some sweet animations to your window and system movements. Unfortunately, not free but not too expensive at $10.

What do you think, dear reader? Are you interested in making your own Whovian Desktop? Do you have some theming tools that you like to use that I haven’t mentioned? Join the conversation below!

(The Whovian Desktop via Karth)


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