No More “Flirting” For The Doctor?

When Doctor Who returned in 2005, one goal of the show was that with youthful, archetypal characters it might appeal to a younger audience, one who hadn’t grown up watching the adventures of the Doctor and his companions, maybe even gaining fans that were not even born when the show was originally canceled. 

With the reboot came the introduction of romance into the show – the Doctor seeming to fall for a 19 year old girl who was just as crazy about him. A strong and confident woman who was sexually aware and loved to flirt with the Doctor, who, in his own quirky, awkward way, flirted right back.

Some fans of the show have worried that the Doctor was no longer the man they knew – “their” Doctor would never act in such a way. And now that the next man to play the character was someone who was older (in fact the oldest man to ever inhabit the role) there were fears that he would be just as flirty and romance-minded with his current companion, who by human standards looks to be less than half his age!

But head writer Steven Moffat has possibly allayed those fears. In an interview with Radio Times, Moffat has said that Capaldi’s Doctor won’t be like the other most recent incarnations of the man.

[Capaldi’s incarnation of the Time Lord] goes back to being the trickier version of the Doctor, the fierce alien wanderer. He’s not a human being, however much he larks around pretending he is. He is different and it’s time to stop play-acting. He’s not apologising, he’s not flirting with you – that’s over.

Moffat also added that while Capaldi is older than his past counterparts, that doesn’t mean he is all serious.
I always thought Matt, while a very young man, had something of the demeanour of a much older man, whereas Peter is a man in his 50s but is terribly boyish and young at times.

As a newer fan of the show, I really haven’t minded the romance aspect that has been added. It isn’t always part of the story and personally I think it shows another side of the Doctor, more about why he so truly seems to care for  humanity. I really enjoyed the times we’ve gotten to see the Doctor and River Song together and I am very much hoping that we get to see Peter Capaldi and Alex Kingston play off each other at least once. River always seemed to be one of the few humans that was an equal of the Doctor for all of his ability and intelligence, and it would be nice to see her with a man that she didn’t immediately make awkward and befuddled!

(via Yahoo TV UK and Digital Spy)


Rebecca is still new to the Who world, but is no stranger to sci-fi, being a life long Trekkie. When not watching, reading, blogging, or talking about Doctor Who, she watches so many movies and reads so many books she has to keep a list of both so she doesn't forget any of them. She wishes she could have been with the Doctor and Amy when they met Van Gogh.

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