Humble Bundle Competition: The Winners!

Earlier this week, we announced a special giveaway offering worthy winners the chance to access over 60 Doctor Who comics from Humble Bundle. We posed a question and entrants needed to post their responses in the comments section. The question:

Which writer would you like to see pen an ongoing Doctor Who comic series – and why?

The winners: very hard to pick.

So we came to the conclusion that simply picking five winners was too tough.

We’ve got five codes to give the main winners, but what to offer five runners-up? Well, how about a free digital copy of Kasterborous‘ very own Who comic, Time Leech, written by Christian Cawley, one of the best writers I know.

The winners – and rationalisation – follow, as do the list of runners-up. If you are one of either party, PLEASE email us using the address you used to comment ASAP: [email protected]. Include your details, noting too the name which you used to comment.

If you didn’t win… As I say, it was incredibly tough. You all did brilliantly. Thank you.

Winners (in no particular order)

janny van dorst who wrote:

“I’d love to see an episode written by Jim Butcher. His The Dresden Files are so much fun to read, and there sort of are similarities with Doctor Who. Harry Dresden is a wizard, in a world with wizards, vampires, trolls, you name it. But most ppl don’t know those things exist. But Harry, who is kind of a black sheep in the wizard community, is in the phonebook and even advertizes. Not that ppl believe he really is a wizard, more of a quirky detective. Anyway, the characters are very well written en likeable, and everytime Harry sets out to help someone, he gets into all kinds of trouble. Ending up having to save the world.(again) Not an easy task when your fellow wizards dont trust you(backgroundstory). Its filled with wonderfull characters and monsters. And it’s serious and exciting, but also filled to the brim with humour. I often find Harry using quotes of Princess Bride, Star Wars, etc. The similarities with The Doctor, who is also a bit odd, but gets the job done, who has companions he goes on adventures with, who gets into all kinds of trouble without wanting to, can be found if you want to. The things I love about The Doctor are similar to the things I love about Harry Dresden.
I would love to see Jim Butcher come up with an adventure for The Doctor and new ppl or monsters for him to meet. The way he lets Harry find solutions to his problems could be really fun and intresting to see with The Doctor. :)

A very interesting choice; certainly not a writer I’d really considered – but yes, why not? And it’s a really well-thought-out suggestion.

Moritz Weckbecker who wrote, or nearly wrote:

“!Spoilers, sweetie!

Does contain tiny, tiny spoilers for Sherlock Season 2, Episode 3.

I know that Stephen Thompson and [Neil Gaiman] both write an episode, but I would love to see them writing one together. Here’s why:
[Neil Gaiman] was the writer of ‘Nightmare in Silver’ and I actually don’t have to add that it was such a brilliant episode. That the Eleventh Doctor had to fight the Cybermen (or at least the head of them) in his brain was so ingenious. I like battles in the mind way more than a real fight (even more in Doctor Who, because he is the most clever man in the universe and suddenly he faces someone as smart as him).
Stephen Thompson wrote my most favourite episode – of ‘Sherlock’. Of course I mean ‘The Reichenbach Fall’ (I’m so mainstream, I know…). What was so good about this episode was that you began to doubt the main character. Keep that in mind.
So that’s my idea. Lately (more or less) the rumour popped up that Peter Capaldi is actually playing the Master. Does that remind you of something? You could easily create an adventure similar to ‘The Reichenbach Fall’, but this time you wouldn’t ask yourself, whether the protagonist invented the antagonist or not, you’d ask whether they were the same person! [Neil Gaiman] could invent a story serving as the basis for this plot, maybe even something with the Cybermen, because I love them and they were quite rare lately.
Although this is very unlikely to happen, it would be absolutely fantastic!

Yep, so a writer’s name was wrong (we knew what you meant, anyway) but honestly, we love that you even hinted at a storyline. Many suggested Gaiman – he’s an obvious choice, having written both for screen Who and the comic book world – but we found the idea of those two writers working together as one a simple but genius move.

Cara Katzbeck who write:

“I would really like to see Jacqueline Rayner pen a series. She has written novels for a number of different Doctors, and her novels are by far my favorites. I believe she would do an excellent job, and there frankly aren’t enough women writers writing for Doctor Who in any capacity.”

Yes! Of course Jac Rayner should write a comic! And quite aside from that, we concur: more women writers please.

David Younger who wrote:

“I’d like to see Matt Smith write his own episode.
He is obviously a talented actor but we would then find out just how talented he really is.
I know this is ridiculous but surely after so many episodes, something must have rubbed off.
It would also be funny to see Peter Capaldi playing a role written by Matt Smith. A clash of styles.”

Matt studied English and apparently does want to write Doctor Who, so giving him the chance to do a comic version is a tantalising idea. How strange would it be for the Doctor to write for another Doctor? Hmmm… The possibilities…

Trevor V. who won’t see this until tomorrow but wrote:

“I’m of the mindset fantasy authors have a slight edge when writing Doctor Who, especially good fantasy authors. I guess the obvious choice is Neil Gaiman, but he’s had a stint on the show, so I’m more inclined to let someone else wield the pen. One of my favorite modern-day fantasy authors to emerge is The Kingkiller Chronicle author, Patrick Rothfuss. One of Patrick’s many gifts is his ability to engage both young and old alike. Doctor Who should be accessible to a 10-year old as well as someone who was around back when Hartnell episodes were still premiering, and is with that in mind that I nominate Patrick Rothfuss.

AnyWHO, that’s my 2¢.”

And this is for a perhaps selfish reason: Trevor did something I wasn’t expecting. He just introduced me to a mainstream writer I’ve never heard of before. That’s good going.

Congratulations to our five winners! Email Christian ASAP please using the address you used to comment; the Humble Bundle codes have to be redeemed before Tuesday 28th May 2014 at 11:00am.

And now onto our five impressive runners-up.

Doctor Who IDW

Runners-Up (in no particular order)

Email Christian and you’ll get access to Time Leech on your computer and/or e-reader!

david who wrote:

“Philip bates.”

Because flattery goes a long way.

jrodlivewire06 who wrote:

“I’d like to see Nicholas Briggs of big finish write some comics about the 8th doctor and lucie. I love the 8th and his audio adventures with lucie were amazing. Would love to get some visuals to the stories.”

Briggs should 100% write a Doctor Who comic, true, but we also didn’t mention which Doctor/companion team the comic would focus on. This suggestion of the Eighth Doctor and Lucie is perfect, frankly.

Time Lord Enthusiast who wrote:

“I think it would be interesting to see Scott Snyder take a crack at a Doctor Who ongoing. While I have yet to read his American Vampire series, his work on Batman has been outstanding. He’s been able to add more to the mythos, but without corrupting the past. We’ve seen Gotham transform into a living, breathing entity, a character unto itself. His creation of the Court of Owls has allowed him to seep this illuminati-style organization into Gotham’s history and make it feel as if they’ve always been there, hiding in the shadows for these past 75 years. He is the light to Frank Miller’s dark.
Snyder might be the best person to tackle the War Doctor’s life throughout the Last Great Time War. It’s an area of the Doctor’s life that I’ve never wanted to learn much about. I find that finding out too much would ruin both the majesty and the horror that such a widespread conflict entailed. Someone like Snyder could give us a good taste of how such events played out, but without destroying what RTD and Moffat have been able to create over the past decade.”

Snyder’s a brilliant writer (he actually made me pick up Batman, which I’ve never done before). The suggestion of a Time War-focused series is an obvious one, but we feel, like Time Lord Enthusiast, that we should never find out too much about it. Snyder does have that finesse.

Elena who wrote:

“I would love to see Stan Lee write a Doctor Who comic story. Seeing the Generalissimo himself tackling another icon of the ages would be absolutely amazing. Plus I would love to see a crossover between the two, maybe with Cap meeting the Doc?”

Stan’s my hero. Calling him the “Generalissimo” easily pushed this suggestion into the “potential winner” category.

Janet Morrissey who wrote:

“I’d love to see one by J. Michael Straczynski. As far as I’m concerned, he has it all – great characterization, great stories, and an edge when it’s needed. (Have you seen Dream Police #1? I rest my case.)”

Straczynski is one of my favourite writers – his Spider-Man run is my ideal era for the character – so this suggestion was always going to be in the running.

Thank you all for entering. We thoroughly enjoyed reading all your ideas. And if you didn’t win, well, there’s always next time.

The pay-what-you-want comics lots from Humble Bundle all benefit charity, so if you didn’t win, you’d be doing a great thing by donating and getting some quality time-travelling action in return!

Thanks to Humble Bundle and IDW.


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