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Let’s Do The Time Warp: 9 Great Doctor Who Parody Songs!

Ever wished you could watch the Tenth Doctor, Rose, Martha, Donna, an Ood, a Judoon and a Sister of Plenitude groove to “Let’s Do The Time Warp”? Against a TARDIS backdrop? Under an array of pulsing disco lights??

Well now you can, thanks to the sterling efforts of Hilly and Hannah Hindy of The Hillywood Show! The two sisters, who have become well-known in the webosphere for parodying various film franchises, (including Pirates of the Caribbean, The Twilight Saga and Harry Potter), have recently given their favourite Time Lord the spoof treatment, with a music and dance routine based on the David Tennant era and, of course, The Rocky Horror Show.

The first thing you’ll notice about this YouTube number is the production quality, which is excellent. Hilly and Hannah may not have Steven Moffat’s current Doctor Who budget, but they’ve really gone to town with a very impressive TARDIS console, some great costumes, actual Daleks(!) and a David Tennant impression to end them all, so deftly provided by voice artist Elliot Crossley.

Plus, it’s just great fun!

The video has already achieved over 40,000 hits, helped in no small way by a share from the official David Tennant fan page, so here’s hoping the numbers will rise over the next few weeks. And if it’s got you in the mood for more Gallifreyan parodies, take a look at these other fan tributes…

This one’s set to the tune of “Blurred Lines” by Robin Thicke, and features a fez-wearing Doctor, Captain Jack Harkness and a gas mask zombie, (what an episode that would make!) They’ve also spoofed Thicke’s original video, so expect lots of people running backwards and forwards against a plain backdrop, with some unusual hashtag captions!

Next we have “Time Travel Maybe”, based on a similarly-named song by Carly Rae Jepson! I must admit I wasn’t the biggest fan of her “Call Me Maybe” number when it first came out, but this YouTube parody contains sonic screwdrivers and sand shoes-uh, I mean, Converse, (with a rather good ‘Tenth Doctor’ inside them!), so it’s definitely worth a watch.

I love the opening line to this next one: “Wake up in the morning feeling like Stormaggedon…!” I’m sure we can all identify with that! This is a Series 6 parody based on “Tik Tok” by Kesha, and although it’s more of a montage than a bespoke video, there are some great lyrics. However, if by some cruel twist of fate you have yet to see Doctor Who Series 6, you may want to wait before watching this video! (Spoilers, sweetie…)

This is a catchy one! A fitting tribute to the faithful Sonic, set to the tune of Lady Gaga’s “Telephone”. Again, this is another montage, so it’s the lyrics we’re interested in. Who would have thought there were so many different uses for a Sonic Screwdriver? You can find most of them in this video!

Lady Gaga fans rejoice – she’s back again! This video uses her “Born This Way” track, and contains one of the best choruses we’ve heard so far: “I will not die right away, I will just regenerate, I am a Time Lord baby, I’m from Gallifrey!” I will definitely be shortlisting this song for my wedding. All I need now is an understanding bride…

I’m not sure what Katy Perry would make of this next video, set to the music of her “Dark Horse” track! Still, this one’s worth watching for the impressive imagery, which uses visual effects and stills taken from various places in the Whoniverse, along with a rather good recreation of Matt Smith’s costume! Also, for one glorious moment, I thought that Vislor Turlough himself had come to join in with the spoof shenanigans, but I think it was meant to be the Tenth Doctor. Possibly.

This next video is titled “All I Want for Christmas is Who”, and I’ll leave you to guess which similarly-named song it’s based on…! I agree entirely with the sentiments in this one; Doctor Who has been one of my Christmas highlights ever since I was old enough to work the video player, and a festive season without the Time Lord scarcely bares thinking about! Watch this for the tent TARDIS…

Finally, we have the “Regeneration Carol”, based on “Baby it’s Cold Outside”. These guys have gone to a great deal of effort to recreate the costumes of the Eleventh Doctor, River Song, Amy Pond and Clara Oswald, plus there’s an actual TARDIS! Incredible. Also, the stand-in for the Doctor looks scarily like the real Matt Smith, as in, terrifyingly similar. Is the actor now moonlighting on the parody video scene? We can but hope!

Which is your favourite? And isn’t the “Let’s Do The Time Warp” parody glorious?!


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