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Has Missing Doctor Who Serial The Power Of The Daleks Been Found?

Released in 2012, Power of the Daleks: Reimagined was an atmospheric adaptation of the original missing Doctor Who serial, released online (and at conventions) to largely favourable reviews.

However, in an interesting turn of events which we believe is omnirumour-related, the two-part film has been excised from YouTube, apparently following a request from the copyright holder, the BBC.

After two years, this seems like a slow reaction; could something else be a contributing factor?

With Nick Scovell as the Doctor and a notable cast for a fan film that included Nick Briggs, Barnaby Edwards and Lisa Bowerman, Power of the Daleks: Reimagined succeeded in keeping affection for the original serial alive while reworking some of its stunning scenes. Now, other than by watching the trailers, this is no longer possible.

Power of the Daleks - Reimagined

Could this be omirumour related? Is the BBC paving the way for the original definitive version of The Power of the Daleks to be issued on DVD, recovered by Philip Morris’ Television International Enterprises Archives Ltd or some private collector?

Let us know what you think.

(With thanks to Ryan)

Update: An Interesting Split

Following our report on Sunday, we’ve noticed an intriguing split in opinion over this. In general, those that have seen Power of the Daleks: Reimagined seem to lean towards its pulling from YouTube actually *meaning* something, whereas those unfamiliar have the broad attitude of “it’s a fan film, meh.”

Naturally, as with any omnirumour claim or counterclaim, we all need to keep our heads and not get our hopes up, advise we’ve been sharing since it all went mainstream last year.

This morning I’ve spoken to one of the people involved with producing the film, who is currently unaware of why Power of the Daleks: Reimagined was pulled.

It’s a fascinating situation, one that will have a lasting effect one way or another…


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