Could Madame Kovarian Return?

Picked up the new Doctor Who Magazine? Well, maybe you should – because showrunner, Steven Moffat, talks about the Kovarian chapter…

Last seen in The Wedding of River Song (seriously, how many times am I gonna write, The “Weeding” of River Song?!), Madame Kovarian was name-checked in Matt Smith’s swansong, The Time of the Doctor. In The Weeding (um, you did it again – Ed), Kovarian died. But that all happened in a timeline that never was, so, as Moffat says…

“Kovarian, logically, is still alive. The whereabouts remain a terrible mystery. Will she return to menace the Doctor again? Will she ever resume her once happy marriage with Tasha Lem (just a thought, but imagine the domestics!). Perhaps…

But let’s be honest: if Amy Pond, River Song, and a two-thousand-year-old Centurian who blows up Cyber fleets for emphasis were all pissed off with you at once, you might stay quiet for a bit.”

And as he notes, you can listen to the moment when Frances Barber realised her on-screen persona was still alive by putting on the ep’s commentary.

So c’mon, who’d like to see Barber’s kinky Eye-Patch Woman return – maybe with the Silence in tow?


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