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Matt Smith On Terminator: Arnie Won’t Kill Me

You’ll have heard about the casting in the next installment of the Terminator franchise where ex-Doctor Who star Matt Smith will reportedly be playing an ally of central character, John Connor and play an important role in the new trilogy starting with Terminator 5 (subtitled Genesis) in July next year.

Smith commented,

Anyone our sort of age has an affection for those films. It’s like my childhood, seeing Arnold [Schwarzenegger] throw people from trucks. What’s not to like about that?

Coming from a hatchling cluster one solar year after Smith I can verify this as totes the case (what are you, 12? – Ed). Terminator brought the basic timey-wimey paradox to the masses via the medium of leather, shades and be-muscled one-liners. It rocks and will, it seems, repeatedly * be back *…

The interviewer also asked Smith how he’d like to cop-it on the silver screen at the hands of Schwarzenegger himself. Mindful of a chip allegedly implanted in his head that will detonate an explosive charge should he reveal any spoilers (a touch more technological than Moff’s spoiler control) Matt replied,

Yeah but then I wouldn’t be in it any more!

A good point, well made.

Are you looking forward to seeing Matt in the Terminator films? Does dark gritty machismo-filled sci-fi float your time ship or are you more a tea-and-cakes adventurer?

And what think-ye, Kasterborites of all of the US projects our good Doctors are getting involved in (thinking about Tennant in Gracepoint and Matt’s role in Ryan Gosling’s directorial debut)? Who is getting a lot of American love these days – might we see more of an American presence in the show? How would you feel about an American actor as the Doctor? A Terminator-Who crossover?!..



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