Series 8 Of Jago and Litefoot Confirmed… with Alien Puppets?!

Big Finish has announced that dynamic duo of Jago and Litefoot will return for a new run of adventures, and their season eight premiere is a doozy!

Last seen in a Third Doctor story, The Scorchies, the race of alien puppets will make their return in the season eight opener, aptly titled, Encore of the Scorchies. But thats not all! Encore of the Scorchies will also feature several musical numbers from Howard Carter, and writer James Goss. Goss had this to say:

Howard Carter has provided an ambitious score for this. It’s suitably full of classic Music Hall numbers, while also sounding like the Royal Philharmonic falling off a cliff. If you only buy one Doctor Who release about evil puppets, then make it this one.

Big Finish also involved some musically inclined stars from the West End, including Jenna Russell (Bad Wolf/Parting of the Ways), Cameron Blakely, and Sarah Lark, for the episode.

Plus, did I mention evil space puppets in a musical episode?

The stories continue with The Backwards Men by Andy Lane (which is actually about men walking backwards, apparently), Jago and Litefoot and Patsy (Flaminia Cinque joins Christopher Benjamin and Trevor Baxter as Patsy), and finishing up with Higson and Quick by Justin Richards (which promises “something goes very very wrong with Jago and Litefoot…”).

The CD set is available for preorder here, while if digital is your thing, it’s available at the same link now! What say you, Big Finish listeners? Are you excited about the new series of Jago and Litefoot? And how do you feel about evil space puppets?

(Via Big Finish).


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