The Tweet We All Missed: The Shape Of The TARDIS Team

Someone’s clearly put a Perception Filter around the current Doctor Who production!

Earlier in the week, new companion Samuel Anderson took to the Twittersphere to give a rather important casting update – and it went virtually unnoticed.

We already know that George is guest-starring in the Lanzarote episode, (thanks to an earlier press release), but until now her role in the show has been unspecified. Some rumours suggest that she is a pupil from the Coal Hill School, and that showrunner Steven Moffat is attempting to recreate the original TARDIS lineup, (incorporating the Doctor, two teachers and a student.)

What do you think, Kasterborites? Would this be a fitting tribute to the classic series as it enters its 51st year? Or would you rather the show was taken in bold new directions? (For instance, is it time for a tentacled companion from Zaston 4? Called Dennis?)

Personally, I’m still waiting for Katarina to come back…

(Via Doctor Who TV)


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