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What’s Your Funniest Doctor Who Joke Ever?

The sun is shining, it’s the weekend, Hull City are in the cup final… All, it would seem, is right with the world. So let’s add to the fun with some Doctor Who-based jokes!

The programme’s approach to humour has varied considerably over the years, from the wit and sophistication of City of Death to the rather broader based comedy of, let’s say, the notorious trumping Slitheen.

It’s fair to say that this selection, posted on Yahoo, veers more towards the tumbleweed-drifting-across-Mercy-high-street end of the scale, but full marks must be awarded for effort and sheer persistence in transcribing all those gags for browsers’ benefit.

My favourites are the ones about how the Daleks tell each other apart and the Doctor’s conversation with Sarah-Jane about K9. The one about the Doctor picking up a bunch of composers in the TARDIS has to have been around in various incarnations for longer than Gallifrey, but is worth persisting with.

Come on, Kasterborites – let’s have your top Who gags!


Jonathan has followed the Doctor's adventures since the late Pertwee era, and he isn't about to stop now. A charity worker from Hull, he enjoys following Hull City's fortunes, listening to Bruce Springsteen and collecting all manner of Doctor Who ephemera. He blogs about Doctor Who merchandise at

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