Will Series 8 Finale Be Two-Parter?

This seems to have gone largely under the radar; director, Rachel Talalay, has potentially hinted that not only will she helm the finale of Series 8 but also that it will be a two-parter.

The controversial decision was taken for Series 7 that all episodes would be single storylines. It meant that the Eleventh Doctor faced more foes and went on more adventures in the run of 14 episodes – you might, though, consider The Name of the Doctor and The Day of the Doctor to be a sole storyline, with the former acting as a prologue, if you will – but it also left fans without their beloved cliffhangers.

Nobody’s quite sure if this trend will continue later this year (though it does seem likely), but then Rachel tweeted something rather intriguing…

Talalay tweet

That was quickly deleted. Furthermore, it was an unverified account.

Thankfully, brand manager, Edward Russell, was quizzed and confirmed:

That whole account was deleted.

Talalay then began tweeting from another account. She’s only tweeted 9 times, but that includes this bit of confirmation:

So it looks like she will be directing two episodes, but whether it’s a two-part finale or not… well, we’ll have to wait and see!

(Via DWTV.)


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