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Hello everyone – it’s time for a blast of the news variety, featuring a TARDIS library, Wilfred Mott, the former voice of Lara Croft and the confessions of a certain Pond! “You might want to find something to hang on to…” Here we go!

Another Award For The Day Of The Doctor

First up, you may or may not be surprised to learn that the 50th anniversary special, The Day of the Doctor, has picked up yet another gong, this time at the Freesat TV Awards. The episode was named the “best TV programme or series” (presumably they weren’t sure!) at a ceremony held in London on Tuesday.

Freesat’s managing director, Emma Scott, said:

“This year in particular has been a truly amazing one for TV drama, so we’re particularly proud to see Doctor Who: The Day of the Doctor… recognised as our winners from a fantastically strong field.”

Now, I’m one of those grumpy old men who can take or leave The Day of the Doctor, but the fact that it’s still scooping prizes so long after transmission says a lot. I guess the programme makers did something right, even if they did pass on the opportunity to bring back Carol Ann Ford with a CGI William Hartnell. Oh well… “No regrets, no tears, no anxieties…” I’ll let it go. Good job, Day of the Doctor!

Keeley Hawes Praises “Fabulous” Capaldi!

Looking ahead, the Twelfth Doctor Peter Capaldi has been busy working on the brand new series, and one of his guest stars, the estimable Keeley Hawes, has been saying good things:

“We were in a terrible thing together years ago but a really, good fun thing. So, I knew him and Douglas McKinnon, who directed the first three episodes of Line of Duty, was directing it, so I felt very relaxed about that.

“But he’s just brilliant. Peter Capaldi is just fabulous – I think everyone’s going to love him.”

Hawes is set to play Ms Delphox in an episode by Sherlock scribe Steve Thompson, and is described as “an otherworldly character with a dark secret.”

Eyes peeled for those Adipose, then? Maybe…

Bernard Cribbins’ Celebrity Antiques Road Trip

Somewhat less sinisterly, Donna Noble’s ‘gramps’ recently visited a vintage store in St Albans to film an edition of the BBC’s Celebrity Antiques Road Trip. Bernard Cribbins was spotted buying items to take to auction as part of a “competition to see which item sells for the highest price.”

He was joined by entertainer Barry Cryer, who has written for many top comedians including Bob Hope, Morecambe and Wise, and Spike Milligan.

The shop’s manager, Georg Constantinou, said:

“It was a barrel of laughs when they were filming here, and there is no awkwardness. The crew like the relaxed atmosphere, which is why they keep coming back.

“Barry and Bernard were going around saying ‘wow, wow, wow’ most of the time. They looked at everything from antiques to art deco collections, paintings and 1930s furniture.”

By all means, follow the link to whole article, but you may want to look twice at the photo of ‘Barry and Bernard.’ Someone’s obviously been having fun with a perception filter, because I’m seeing a dapperly-dressed Indian gentleman in Mr Cribbins’ place! Curse you, Time Lord science…

Karen Gillan: Oculus Promo, Doctor Who Auditions

There’s no mistaking the actor in this next piece though. Amy Pond herself, (alias Karen Gillan), has been touring L.A. to promote her new horror film Oculus, which is in theatres as I type. I say “her” new horror film – it’s actually from the producers of Paranormal Activity, and they’ve had the good sense to cast Ms Gillan in the lead role. Apparently, the director Mike Flanagan is a confirmed Doctor Who enthusiast, and he tailored the part for Gillan specifically, so now there are two reasons to go and see this film, (he also has a TARDIS mug – I like him already!)


Whilst doing the publicity rounds for Oculus, Gillan elaborated on what it was like to audition for Doctor Who. In a recent interview with The Telegraph, she confessed:

“I thought they’d be really scary, the Doctor Who auditions. Like this huge search across the nation. But they only met about 10 or 15 girls. I just did one audition with the casting director, then I got a recall and had to read with Matt Smith and the producers, which was quite scary.”

When she was finally offered the role, she admits that she did jump up and down, and cry a little. “I even screamed ‘thank you’ to the heavens!” she added. “I’ve never done that before. I’m not even religious.”

You did good, Pond.

This TARDIS Library Doesn’t Have A Swimming Pool

Finally, you must take a look at this strange little object standing on a street corner. Don’t pinch yourself – that is a TARDIS! Well, a police box to be exact. Apparently, it acts as a free library which encourages people to take a book, and leave one in return. What a fantastic idea – every town should have one of these! But, as someone has pointed it out, wouldn’t it be empty within a matter of days…?

I guess it depends where you park your TARDIS. Stay away from that randomiser, then…


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