Back Extra Time, A Short Film Featuring Louise Jameson On Indiegogo

The always fantastic Louise Jameson has signed on to be part of an independent short film that is currently looking for backers on the Indiegogo site.

Extra Time‘s plot is still largely under wraps but what is known is that it will focus on football and time travel.

After escaping a crash that killed his football team, James receives another warning from Time Traveller Spacey of his death. Will he listen a second time?

Getting Fourth Doctor companion Leela will no doubt be a massive boon to the filmmakers, who are themselves clearly big time Whovians. Mark Lever, one half of the duo behind the project lists Matt Smith, David Tennant and Christopher Eccleston among his favourite actors and Steven Moffat, Russell T. Davies and Chris Chibnall among his top writers.

But the Whovian connections don’t end there: the team have also got comedian Charlie Ross involved, who many of you will recognise from his regular appearances at the Cardiff’s ‘Regenerations’ conventions as well as several appearances in Big Finish audio adventures, most notably in a Sixth Doctor trilogy (involving the return of Troughton companions Jamie and Zoe, if you haven’t heard these yet you owe it to yourself to go grab them) in which he plays historical icon Rob Roy, and in the Paul McGann starring Memory Lane.

The campaign, hosted on Indiegogo has 29 days left to reach its target of £8,000 and boasts a considerable range of perks for backers ranging from a film credit, postcards and copies of the finished film through to invites to the premiere, tickets to a Charlie Ross stand up gig or a film talk by the writer and even the chance to appear in the film yourself (or claim the whole lot for £250).

With as many people involved in the production with such close connections to Doctor Who (and clearly large passions) the project is fascinating, and as the creators say on the pledge page, 2014 is also a World Cup year so the football element should help Extra Time reach a much wider audience. Clearly this is a project to keep your eyes on!

Do you think the film has legs? Has the episode The Lodger proven that football and time travel can go hand in hand with great success? Will you be backing the film, and if so will you take me to the premiere? Leave your thoughts and feelings (and premiere invites… what, a guy can hope right?) in the space below.

(Thanks to Mark)


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