The Day of the Doctor in Entertainment Weekly!

We all knew The Day of the Doctor was gonna be something special. We trusted Steven Moffat. And he delivered. That’s why it’s picking up accolades left, right, and centre! Entertainment Weekly #1316, dated 20th June 2014, particularly shines a light on a scene that sent a chill down the spine of even Cybermen: The Curator.

“The Fifty Best TV Scenes” features Tom Baker’s return to Doctor Who as the 39th best scene from June 2013 to June 2014. I think you’ll agree: that’s pretty good going!

You’ll see Broadchurch (written by Dinosaurs on a Spaceship‘s Chris Chibnall) on the same page at #37; in particular, when Beth confronts Ellie about the true killer and utters the words, “How could you not know?” Frankly, it’s really quite unsettling and upsetting. Furthermore, Sherlock‘s wedding scene between John Watson and Mary Morstan – as written by Steven Moffat, Mark Gatiss and Steve Thompson – from The Sign of Three came in at #5. Flippin’ good episode, that.

EW Day of the Doctor

If you so fancy, pop along to your nearest newsagent to secure your copy. It’s the one with Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum (those of 22. Jump Street fame) on the cover.

What other scenes would you have liked to see in the Fifty Best of June 2013-14? I do love the Doctor flying in, hanging from his TARDIS (reminiscent of The Eleventh Hour), thanks to UNIT. When the Tenth Doctor and Eleventh Doctor both sit down, cross their arms and shove their feet on the table – that’s just superb, really reinforcing that this is exactly the same man. Who can forget all the Doctors – “all thirteen!” – saving Gallifrey?

But my vote goes to Matt’s goodbye in The Time of the Doctor. Talk about there not being a dry eye in the house: I still struggle to form any meaningful sentences for an hour after rewatching it. Utterly, utterly heart-breaking, but Matt and Jenna just nail it. And yep, I’ll always remember when the Doctor was you, Matt.

Will Doctor Who Series 8 make it into next year’s list? Well, who knows? Who. Nose. Knows.

(Thanks to Drew. Have a pint on Christian.)


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