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Doctor Who Disney, Whooverville, Phone Hacking & Counter-Measures 3

My friends, it is time. Feel our powerful news blast, which features phone hacking, a trip to Whooverville, Counter-Measures 3 and news of a voice artist cast in Doctor Who Series 8. But first…

Doctor Who, Done Disney

Have you always wanted to see a Disney Doctor Who movie? Of course you have! But until Disney prise that last childhood icon from your dead fingers, we’ll have to make do with artist Steven Byrne’s attempt to marry the Doctor with the mouse.

It seems a little strange considering Steven Moffat said the Doctors should be ‘attractive in an odd way’ that the Tenth and Eleventh Doctors are given the kind of bland good looks of an animated Disney lead (unlike the raw machismo of a non-animated lead like sexpot Dean Jones)

But he more than captures what Disney does best; creating memorable side characters – from the rather portly Second Doctor to the patrician Third Doctor; it’s an enchanting mix of the familiar and the strange.

His Disney version of Doctor Who, posted on his Facebook page, features all thirteen Doctors – including John Hurt’s War Doctor and new addition Peter Capaldi – assembled around Karen Gillan’s flame-haired character Amy Pond (who herself was practically a modern day Disney heroine.)

The all-important costumes are there, too – Tom Baker’s impossibly long scarf, Matt Smith’s bow tie, and even Capaldi’s red-lined suit jacket – accompanied by the strapline: “She wished for a prince. She got thirteen.”

Davison At Whooverville

From Disney to Derby now as the Fifth Doctor himself, Peter Davison will be appearing at the QUAD arts centre as a guest of Whooverville, the annual convention for East Midlands based fans.

The event is organised by Derby’s local Doctor Who group, the Whoovers, one of the most popular fan groups in the country and is your chance to have your photo taken with the Tardis, catch up on gossip from the latest series, purchase new and classic merchandise, take part in a Doctor Who podcast, add to the autograph album and meet some of the people from in front of and behind the camera.

Other special guest confirmed for the event which kicks off August 30th are Deborah Watling, who played Victoria, companion to the second Doctor, Terry Molloy, who played Davros, creator of the Daleks; and David Troughton (son of second Doctor Patrick Troughton) who played Professor Hobbs in Midnight and Michael Troughton, author of Patrick Troughton: The Biography.

Whooverville 6 takes place on Saturday, August 30, from 10am until 6pm.

Tickets are £40, £25 concessions and £10 for children aged under ten.

For more information or to book call QUAD’s box office on: 01332 290606 or go to for the full programme details.

Eccleston’s Phone Hacking Legal Action

So just as the jury retires to sift through the mountain of evidence in one high profile phone hacking trial – which has already broke the record for the longest criminal trial in English history – another begins anew.

Clearly pulling up such poisonous roots is going to take time; Yesterday, further action was brought against the beleaguered press when twenty individuals, including the Ninth Doctor himself Christopher Eccleston, launched legal action over phone hacking allegations against the Mirror Newspaper Group.

The High Court judge heard the twenty claimants include actor Shane Richie, Hollywood star Jude Law’s personal assistant Ben Jackson and BBC creative director Alan Yentob.

However that initial figure of twenty looks set to rise. Barrister David Sherborne, representing a group of claimants, told the judge that there were now 20 different claimants, with a further 10 “who intend to issue claims”, and that the number of claims was “likely to increase” against the publishers of the Sunday Mirror and Daily Mirror.

Banff Award!

Awards! Doctor Who has had a banner week over at the Banff World Media Festival in Canada (which is not a celebration of misspelling teleportation onomatopoeias in Marvel comics.) The show won the 2014 Rockie Award (‘Yo Adrian, We did it!’) for the ‘Best Science Fiction and Action’ programme before triumphing in the prestigious ‘Best Scripted’ category.

A Parable Of Voice Acting

PC gamers and lovers of left-field casting choices rejoice as The Stanley Parable narrator Kevan Brighting has said he will be lending his vocal talents to Doctor Who Series 8.

Brighting said on his Twitter page:

He added:

Unsurprisingly the pioneering The Stanley Parable was a parable about a man called Stanley; an office worker who’s first person adventures served as a deconstruction of narrative choice and story construction which Eurogamer described as:

“Astoundingly labyrinthine onion-like layers of narrative tangents the player can embark on in what feels like the unholy interactive offspring of Inception, Being John Malkovich and Portal.”

Now all we need is a cameo by Portal 2’s Wheatley and I’ll be a happy potato.

Counter-Measures Series 3 Trailer

Get ready for the return of Counter-Measures, Big Finish’s Doctor Who spin off featuring the team from Remembrance of the Daleks, with an exciting new trailer.

Centring on an elite team of specialists in 1960s London who tackle the unexplained and alien incursions, Counter-Measures 3, sees Pamela Salem as Professor Rachel Jensen, Simon Williams as Group Captain Gilmore, Karen Gledhill as Dr Allison Williams and Hugh Ross as their boss Sir Toby Kinsella dealing with the revelations about Sir Toby’s shadowy past.

As series three begins, he faces an enquiry – and his future with Counter-Meaures hangs in the balance. Meanwhile, something odd is happening in gangland London… Subsequent stories involve a haunted tower block, a problem close to home for Allison, and an undercover mission to East Berlin…

Counter-Measures 3 is out in July and available for pre-order now.


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