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Grease-up your eyes, tape your eyebrows down and adopt the brace position. It’s time for today’s Doctor Who NEWSBLAST, in which we talk petitions, hidden tributes, updates, tours and life and death…

McGann Signs Own Petition

“The minute I put the kit on I felt like the Doctor.”

Eight Doctor, Paul McGann is reported to have said that after the Night of the Doctor minisode where he regenerates into the War Doctor, he is more than ready to get back on the saddle as the most Byronic incarnation of the Timelord. At the Comicpalooza panel he said he even signed the petition for an Eighth Doctor spin-off!

When asked McGann stated “of course” he would do it and talked about the experience of getting back infront of the camera after years behind the microphone,

“The thing is, I’m warmed up now. I could do it now. When we got to shoot the Night of the Doctor I was so glad for the audience. I got to keep my hand in, so to speak, because I felt like I knew what I was doing.”

Hidden Homage to Ninth Doctor

Doctor Who Online have made an uber-geek discovery while leafing through some light, tech-based reading. The reference guide for Apple’s new developer code, “Swift”, cunningly named, “The Swift Programming Language” contains a wee nugget of Series One

Page 347 details the code for matching enumeration values with a switch statement… and how many of us come a cropper there! (Yes I haven’t the foggiest what it means – be grateful for a little Enlightenment if anyone can help me out?) Several essentially random phrases are used in examples including the Ninth Doctor’s line, “lots of planets have a North”.

Are we surprised that clever techy people are showing a bit of Who-love in their work? No. No we’re not 😉

Before 2005 we were DESPERATE for quality actors to don something a bit Edwardian and scarper about saying technobabble in space, dodging tentacles – now quality actors are clamouring to be the Doctor!

Legacy Beginners’ Guide Online

STOP PANICKING! Those of you who’re new, have plateaued or having a hard time managing even that on the mobile game, Doctor Who: Legacy need flounder in despair no longer…

The lovely chaps at have published a New Player Guide that outlines how to get started and work your way up. Head over for the low-down on levelling up, tanks, Damage Dealers, Healers and Hybrids. There’s also a link to the new Perks System and a fan-run forum for more specific queries and sticking points. Enjoy!

Fans of Doctor Who: Legacy might be interested in our interview with the developers, which forms part of our Doctor Who videogames special edition of Kasterborous Magazine.

Location Tours Return This Summer

DWEXP_LOGO - black and silver large

For those of you longing to get closer to the making of Doctor Who, and in need of some full-on Welshness, head over to the Doctor Who Experience website and book on to this Summer’s Doctor Who Cardiff Walking Tour for a trip round the locations of over 30 episodes.

Tours run every Friday, Saturday and Sunday from June 14th to July 20th and focus on the Cardiff Bay area. The tour is written by former Big Finish producer, novelist and director of the animated adventure The Infinite Quest, Gary Russell. The ticket includes the 1.5 mile tour and entry to the Doctor Who Experience exhibition and promenade mini-adventure. Tickets are on sale from this Wednesday 11th June…

Doctor Who & Culture This Wednesday

Finally, Bournemouth University’s Festival of Learning, running until 15th June, covers topics ranging from biodiversity, technology, culture, entrepreneurship to health and tourism… this year it includes an event entitled “Life and death in Doctor Who.”

The talk looks at why Doctor Who and particularly NuWho has become such a cultural phenomenon. It takes place at the Talbot Campus this Wednesday 11th June at 19:00 for an hour. The event is FREE but you do need to register for a ticket online and booking closes 48 hours before the event so QUICK! If you’re too late you can email or call to see if there might be left over tickets: [email protected] or telephone on 01202 962362.

Book tickets at:

And that’s your Newsblast for today Kasterborites! Comments? Views? Can anyone explain enumeration values and switch statements? (You can make something up if you like). Get typing below…


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