Comedian Frank Skinner begs for Doctor Who role

Frank Skinner to become a Doctor Who Action Figure?

Is Frank Skinner about to become the latest addition to the Doctor Who action figure range?

Possibly. The comedian, who recently fulfilled a lifelong ambition to appear in the show, has revealed that he was photographed by the toy making experts just “in case” they ever wanted to immortalise him in plastic.

He made the revelation in a recent edition of his Saturday morning radio show, in which he said:

This guy said, ‘I need to take your photo’, so I had to stand in front of this white screen in my costume, which obviously I can’t describe, and I was photographed in the round – so I had to turn around a little bit, turn around a little bit.


I said, ‘What was that for?’ He said, ‘That was just in case you are an action figure.’ I’m not saying I will be but I think that is every man’s ambition to be an action figure.

This tidbit certainly took me by surprise, and made me wonder whether Skinner was, in fact, playing someone more noteworthy than previously thought – another Time Lord perhaps? Maybe even the Master (although we probably shouldn’t go there!). I, in my naivety, had assumed that his role would be of a Lee Evans ilk (see 2009’s Planet of the Dead) and he certainly wasn’t turned into a collectible toy, to the best of my knowledge.

Then again, maybe Frank Skinner isn’t playing Lord Rassilon’s second-in-command, and is just a run-of-the-mill guest artist, if that’s not a contradiction in terms. Perhaps the production team takes such photographs as standard practice? It’s certainly implied in the above quotation, and sadly it’s the most I can conclude following a morning of in-depth research on the, erm, internet. Although we do know that he is appearing in an episode by Jamie Mathieson who, ironically, is something of a collector himself (“on my desk I have two TARDISes, a Tom Baker, a Tennant, four Daleks, a Davros and a Matt Smith,” he notes in a rather inspirational blog). Time to add Frank Skinner to the line-up, then?

It’s not inconceivable. In fact, there have been some rather obscure additions to the toy range over the years. A holographic Ninth Doctor toy went up for sale recently on eBay, representing the TARDIS’ emergency program message from The Parting of the Ways. As a kid, surely that’s, what, a mere fifty seconds of play-time? Unless you were to act out your very own Season 1B starring a holographic Eccleston? (It would never work – those Daleks would see right through it.) You can also buy a Fifth Doctor statuette, dressed as he appears in the first five minutes of Castrovalva – i.e. in full Fourth Doctor attire. Then there’s Matt Smith dressed as David Tennant, followed by Matt Smith dressed as Tennant without the jacket, followed by himself dressed in a Tweed jacket, followed by himself dressed in a slightly lighter tweed jacket! Blimey.

I do really admire this level of detail, though. And I must confess, these characters look seriously cool when they’re all lined up. I have a chum who has an entire room dedicated to Doctor Who, its walls adorned with every conceivable action figure – most awesome! So let’s not rule out a Frank Skinner version; I know someone will buy it!

(Via Sunday World.)


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