Karen Gillan’s Naked Selfie!

“Karen Gillan Naked”; “Karen Gillan Nude”; “Karen Gillan Topless”; “Karen Gillan NSFW”; “Karen Gillan Selfie”: yep, this certainly ticks all the boxes. And that’s why former companion, Karen Gillan has posed completely naked for a selfie to promote her new sitcom, erm, Selfie for ABC.

Unfortunately Sadly Stop crying because You can’t see anything in the photo, so while you may not want your kids to see the following picture, it doesn’t show anything that needs mass censorship. Don’t panic. Nonetheless, it’s something naughty internet users have been looking for ever since she first appeared as Amy Pond alongside Matt Smith’s Eleventh Doctor in Series 5 (2010). And as you can see, the photo is below, so you’re not actually reading this sentence, are you?

Karen's Selfie

Okay, so why did she do it? It’s not as revealing as a topless Jenna Coleman cropping up in Room at the Top, something done before she was cast in Doctor Who and thus was unintentional, but which also garnered lots of media attention. (The show itself, by the way, was excellent, so it’s a wonder why it’s not been released on DVD yet.) Now, anyone searching for nude Karen Gillan photos will get this in their search engine, a promotion – complete with hashtag – for Selfie. Good publicity? Oh, I’d certainly say so.

The sitcom is a sort of updated My Fair Lady starring Gillan as the “Instafamous” Eliza Dooley, alongside Star Trek‘s John Cho. It’s been picked up for a full series after a pilot that wasn’t too well-received; regardless, it will be watched by the shed load.

Karen, of course, continues to look completely beautiful in the picture, which has now been featured across the worldwide web, including on the Radio Times.

Unfortunately Sadly Stop crying because The resolution isn’t good enough to set as your wallpaper, in case you were wondering.

Anyway, it will forever remain a strong candidate for Best Photo Ever.


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