The Doctor sees Amy Pond one last time...

Monday News: Somewhere in Time, the Doctor Says Farewell to Amy

Hold onto your screwdrivers everyone: it’s news blast time – and it’s a biggie today!

The Clara Theory

Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS 4

Doctor Who would be nothing if not for the rabid theorizing of its fan base about any number of things in the show, from tying timelines together to explaining anomalies there is no end to the lengths we Whovians will go to make things fit. Well, the latest one to add to the pile marked ‘plausable’ is from Richard Forbes who speculates that Clara’s continuing issues with the TARDIS could stem from the fact that (brace yourselves here folks) Clara is the TARDIS.

At a first glance you may, like myself I’m ashamed to admit, scoff at the notion. But Mr Forbes has some pretty strong evidence to back up his idea, and lots of it fits the puzzle. If he isn’t right then I almost hope that The Moff spots it and steals it as it makes so much sense and would make for a unique twist.

Freema joins Wachowski’s new Netflix series

Martha in Blink

One of my personal favourite companions, Martha Jones has landed herself a part in the new Netflix exclusive sci-fi series Sense8 being made by Andy and Lana Wachowski, the people who brought us The Matrix (but let’s not mention the sequels), Speed Racer (I liked it, honest) and Cloud Atlas (seriously good). The show is also being produced by Babylon 5 creator and comic book writing legend J. Michael Straczynski and will focus on a group of eight people around the world who are joined by telepathy. Filming is being undertaken on a global scale with locales such as the US, the UK, Iceland, South Korea, India, Germany, Mexico and Kenya.

Other cast members announced for the series include Daryl Hannah and Lost star Naveen Andrews; Stargate Universe actor Brian J Smith, Cloud Atlas‘ Doona Bae and Jamie Clayton, from US TV series Hung, will also feature alongside British actors Tuppence Middleton and Aml Ameen.

Epic Collection up for Auction

Remembrance of the Daleks - eye stalk

A truly breathtaking collection of Doctor Who memorabilia is going under the hammer along with merchandise and props from other sci-fi staples like Star Wars, Star Trek, and Thunderbirds will go up for grabs with no reserves set.

The collection was seized from a couple in Halifax who have been in court for their part in a conspiracy to steal £2.5m from a West Yorkshire firm. The couple used their ill gotten gains to buy £17,000 of collectables, including six original Star Trek costumes from the TV series, a £500,000 house and spent almost £200,000 on holidays. The entire collection goes to auction in Northern Ireland on friday.

Hartnell’s Farewell to Susan… By the Eleventh Doctor!

A rather clever YouTuber has crafted a tribute to both the first and last (not counting the upcoming Capaldi) Doctors. Doing a rather good impression, DoctorTripod has Matt Smith’s Doctor give the famous Farewell speech from ‘Dalek Invasion of Earth‘ to Amy Pond, and the result is quite impressive.

I wanted to try this with another Doctor but the only way that much of the dialogue would work was with the Eleventh, and it just clicked. Some may call this sacrilege but it is just a bit of fun.

How to make a Tom Baker Scarf

Buy your own Doctor Who Scarf for Authentic Cosplaying Fun!

We all want one; some of us are lucky enough to have one and now you don’t need a PhD in knitting or crochet or a large bank balance to be able to have one. The first of two posts have gone live covering some very simple ways that you, or your young Whovians can get creative on a budget. This first article covers making a Tom Baker scarf style loom bead creation, be that bracelet or necklace. The second method is to create a scarf using strips of felt and a little bit of basic stitch work. If these two ingenious methods are anything to go by then section two, which is listed as coming soon, should be well worth checking out.

Who Knows coming to Sydney


A new production based on Doctor Who and its fans is headed to a Theatre in Sydney, Australia in the form of Who Knows.

Switching between reality and fantasy, Who Knows tells the story of Russell Lambert, a ‘loser’ who’s about to turn 30 and has a burning passion for Doctor Who, and his quest to save the world at a Doctor Who convention. Director Kyle Stephens says the characters in the show are based on Doctor Who fans and their perception of the events unfolding around them:

“The whole show acts out as a Doctor Who episode in the minds of fans… It is a comedy, but there is a bit of love and drama in there as well.”

Stephens adds that while the show will naturally be a big hit with Whovians, it will not alienate non-fans (do those exist? How terrible for them) and will be easy to follow for those unfamiliar with the show. The show will run 25th June to 8th July at King Street Theatre, 644 King St, Newtown with tickets ranging between $22-35.

Somewhere in Time (and Space)

Iron Maiden

Eagle-eyed fans have found a hidden treat for fans in one of the more unlikely of places: the cover of a Iron Maiden album!

The ‘Somewhere in Time’ album from the late 80’s is littered with references to various tracks on the album, such as the Phantom Opera House, the Ancient Mariner Seafood reataurent and the Aces High Bar, but in amongst the nods lurk other items, including the TARDIS in all her glory. This is not her only appearance on the bands artwork as she is also to be seen of the front of the single ‘Wasted Years’ hurtling out of what could easily be the time vortex. It is also fun to try and search out another famous figure on the album cover, namely Batman. Good luck spotting him!

So what are your thoughts on this deluge of news? Are you excited at the thought of Freema in a Wachowski’s production? Do you have a counter theory to the Clara is the TARDIS notion? Perhaps you have the ultimate cheap idea on how to make that iconic scarf? As always we want to hear from you, loyal kasterborites. Speak to us in the space below.


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